Saturday Blog 8

Saturday Blog 8

I spent most of the day sleeping. I Just couldn’t get up. Nor did I want to. Last night was a rough night, filled with suicidal thoughts. I wasn’t in physical pain, just was in overwhelming sadness.

I had something to eat and my only trip out of the house was to the Rite Aid to get my donuts. I have been craving them for over a week now. It is the only snack that I like these days. I don’t buy chips anymore because I have to watch my salt intake due to my blood pressure. If I do get chips, I buy a small bag so that I am not indulgent with a big one.

My mother was not understanding and it pissed me off. I don’t understand why I told her I was tired when it was 2 pm. She started off by asking me if my medication was causing me to feel tired. She was looking for answers and then I had to tell her that I wasn’t sleeping which lead to more questions. I felt like I was being grilled. I finally walked away from her to get away. I was so mad. No one understands what I go through, least of all my family no matter how many times I try and explain it to them. They just don’t get that depression is an illness, that I will have it all my life and that really, nothing can be done about it. I have been on medication and I still get the blues. I have been in therapy for years and I am still depressed. I often wonder if it is worth it. Keep having the image of killing myself. It is the only escape I have. Last night, I sent a text to my therapist that she isn’t to blame for my departure. I sent several tweets last night in my despair. I come to realize that for some reason you just don’t get a response on twitter like you do Facebook. I didn’t want to post on Facebook because a friend watches me on there and then says something to me in person weeks later. And because I don’t remember half of what I post on Facebook, I totally have no clue what she is talking about.

A dear friend is coming over tonight. We are set to watch the baseball game. He is bringing yummy beer. I told him to get snacks if he wants them as I don’t have any. Last time he brought a HUGE container of cheeseballs that lasted in my house for months. I like this friend very much. I haven’t seen him in almost a year so it will be good that he is coming over. We generally have a good time and maybe I can forget my depression for a little while. GO SOX!

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