Saturday Blog 49

Today was a slow day on the unit. We had group therapy in the morning and that was the only group for the day.

Sox were on at 1300 so I watched that till the end of the 12th inning. We won. It was the first game I watched since the start of the season.

I was supposed to work on some writing but don’t have the mental space to write. I got a wicked headache, again. I was supposed to take baclofen around 1700 but no nurse has come to get me. I don’t feel like taking it because it makes me drowsy. At home, I just take it at night but they have it as 3 x a day.

Just had a check in with my contact person. She is like really hyper. I have seen her hyper all on the unit as she has worked several days in a row.

I really would love 2 pain pills right now. My ankle is hurting me so much right now. But they only have my pain meds as 1 pill every 6 hours. This so sucks.

I have been eating most of the day. For some reason, my appetite has been in overdrive today. I am so full it hurts. It’s making me feel sleepy. But I can’t sleep now or I will wake up at 330 again. Past three nights, I have woken up at that time. The attending psychiatrist wanted to put me on another blood pressure pill to see if it helped with my sleep.  I declined because I already take 2 different BP pills. I really don’t want to be on another medicine.

The plan is for me to be discharged Tuesday. I really don’t want to stay longer because I’d like one session with my therapist next week. This has to be the first time I haven’t written her letters while here. But then, I have had other issues going on.

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