My new toy has arrived

My new toy has arrived

My second arrival of toys arrived today. I got the Kindle Fire and accessories for it. It took me a while to figure out how to use it as after I downloaded my Dostoevsky book, the setting were white and I wanted the screen black like my tablet. I had to ask Google for help. I have it charging now so I can read it later tonight. My new pen won’t arrive until Tuesday. I am not happy about this. It’s taking a tour of Massachusetts. FYI to those that ship, don’t use the UPS to US mail option ever or you might not get your package to its destination when you are expecting it. I have had nothing but problems with it from the companies I deal with it, especially with my medication. It’s like a crap shoot.

I am not a good screen protector applier. I got quite a few bubbles on my screen. But I don’t care. I am not perfect so why should the screen be. I did try to get the bigger bubbles out, which I did do.

I didn’t sleep well last night. Despite going to bed after 0130, I woke up at around 0530 and fount it hard to go back to sleep. I did wake up briefly around 1015 when my app went off telling me it was time to take my BP pills. But I fell back to sleep and didn’t fully wake up till around noon. I took my pills and made coffee. I had a couple of cereal bars for breakfast and just had lunch of a salami and cheese sandwich. I only made a half a sandwich because I wasn’t that hungry.

I feel a lot calmer today than I was yesterday. My pdoc hasn’t emailed me which is good because I really don’t feel like talking to her. I still am mad at Walgreens for delaying my receiving medication. But I am glad in the end I did get my pills or there would have been hell to pay. I just wish I got some decent sleep. I need to take a shower sometime today. I have been neglecting it for a few days now. Last time I showered was Monday morning.

While I was at Walgreens, I wanted to get some Oreo Thins. I had bought them on sale last week at like $2 something. Now their regular price is $5.49. No thank you. I will get them at Stop and Shop. I have to put in a grocery order this week because I am running low on my goodies. It’s kind of fun because I get the food I like and my mother buys the food she likes. Usually, I will eat what she makes because the food she buys, I do like as well. But she won’t buy the cereal I like or other stuff. I just found out my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream has gone up in price. It’s almost $6 for a pint! WTH! I will get it when it’s on sale. I really love the ice cream but will only splurge when I am really in the mood for it. I did buy ribs again because I haven’t had them in a while. They are expensive but they are premade and all you have to do is make sides, heat them up, and boom, you have dinner. Which reminds me, I should buy cole slaw. I think it’s funny my mother likes cabbage but doesn’t like cole slaw.

I just set up my email on my Fire. I am not sure how I am going to use it because my phone does most of the things I like to do, except when I write my blogs. I could write blogs from my phone but I like writing them in a word doc first before posting them. It’s just easier to correct mistakes and I don’t have to worry about autocorrect correcting “us” for “is”. I don’t know why it does that but it does. Drives me crazy.

any thoughts?

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