Post 1813

Post 1813

I was going over my blogs. I found one that I wrote the day before my father died. I barely remember that day. I am glad I wrote it because I honestly couldn’t remember if I saw him that Sunday or not. I guess it’s good that I write these blogs because it’s like an online journal of my daily activities and thoughts and feelings. I do have a journal but to me, it’s more fun writing online than in a notebook.

Tomorrow is Father’s day. It is the first father’s day without him. I am having mixed feelings about it. I do miss my father’s crankiness. He was lonesome during the last few months of his life. I think he knew he was dying and didn’t want to be alone. He never said, least not that I know of, that he knew. His last hospitalization was his final one. I also read blogs from the beginning of April when he had pneumonia. I knew then he wasn’t going to make it home. In the end he did, but only to spend his last two hours of his life there. I never finished writing the story of that day. I have been putting it off because it hasn’t been so present in my mind.

My sister posted an old photograph of my father when he was younger on Facebook. The look that he gave was to me scary. It literally reminded me of how cruel he could be to us. Next Saturday it will be two months since his death. I still haven’t processed it. People have told me it could take as long as a year. I am like WTF, seriously? There hasn’t been a day that goes by that I don’t think about him since he died. While he was living, I could give two shits. I was always on edge for that private number to pop on my phone when the normal ringtone rang. Ready to say how high to jump when he called.

I haven’t been as psychotic or paranoid today, but then, I haven’t been outside. I have been in the house most of the day. The only time I went outside was to check the mail and get my package. I have been playing with my Fire most of the day and I finally read some of Dostoevsky as well as a new book. I don’t know why I started reading a new book but I did. This makes book six that I am reading. It’s an easy book. It’s about creating an online presence. I think I have one between the various social media that I have and my blog. I just wish I could find a way to promote my book better. I am hoping one of the ten books that I bought will show me how to do that. I know I just need to find the right audience.

I haven’t been working on my second book. I really don’t know what to write anymore or if I want a second book. I keep up with the blog hoping I will find a good writing space and write an excellent story. But that is too far and in between. So in the mean time, I am reading about books on writing and just reading in general. My father always said that it was important to read and write. I think he would be proud of the library that I have. It is very diverse, from history to psychology to mystery/crime. It was the one thing he would give me money for was books. I know I have them haphazard around my room and office, but I do take good care of them. I just need a room where I can have bookcases, like a real library. That is a dream of mine when I have my own apartment or house or in this modern world, a condo.

any thoughts?

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