Long day at the hosp

I left my house at 600 and just got put in a room a little after 1930. I’m beat. Stupid people got my reasons why I was here all fucked up. They said I was hypomanic and agitated. Far from the truth. I’m more depressed than euphoric. Idiots.

I might have to see someone from medical for my ankle. Don’t know what they would do except ok my pain meds, which I haven’t had since 1330. I hope they gibe me them or its going to be a long night.

I have a lumpy bed. I already wish I was home. I honestly don’t think anything is going to get done while I’m here. But I’m hoping it resets my batteries.
Hey all, I’ve just taken my night meds and hopefully pain won’t keep me up. I’m settled in my room. I am in a single. Perks of being trans lol no one knows a damn thing about CRPS. I had to explain it to the admitting psychiatrist. Foot is swollen because it’s been down all day. I’m medicated so hopefully won’t wake up in the middle of the night. Damn pharmacy didn’t have my reg pain meds so I had to take my strong one. They were going to give me ibuprofen and I said no. Having a love/hate relationship right now being here

 try and post when I can.

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