ER visit

So I went to the ER tonight because my psych was worried something more was happening when I told her I couldn’t move my toes. It gets like that when I’m in severe pain but it sets off PTSD symptoms. I was having an anxiety attack which is why I called her. Anyway, the ER found nothing wrong with me and didn’t do any tests. I said just send me home so I can take my pain meds. The attending forcibly moved my toes downward causing me excruciating pain. Then told me I could move them. I told her she could move them, not me. Jerk face. She discharged me with me to follow up with my GP  I sent my psych and GP an email telling them the ER did nothing for me as I was “normal”. I am beyond exhausted and in more pain than I was when I walk in. Hope I sleep tonight. The novacaine wore off so now my teeth hurt. Just been a really long day.

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