dental appointment and other things

Dental appointment and other things

I had my cavities filled. There were two that needed them. The third is just being watched as the prescription toothpaste seems to be helping it. I am still numb and am slowly getting feeling back. I had a frozen dinner for supper because it was soft. I can only chew on my left side right now because my right is still numb. I have to go back in two weeks because I have another cavity on my left side but it is small. At this point, I just want to get it over with so I will have it done and then come back in 6 months for a cleaning. I will try to be better at brushing my teeth. It isn’t always easy because I lack the motivation to brush because of pain or depression that I feel.

My ankle is really hurting but because I am still having difficulty swallowing, I can’t take any meds at this time. I am going to try though in about a half hour. The dentist asked what I wanted to be called and I told him G. He then asked what pronoun and I said he. He was very accepting about it. I was so happy. It was a relief.

I am very tired as I had taken some Ativan to relax me for the procedure. I still wasn’t as relaxed as I thought I would be. Some of the shavings or whatever you want to call them, fell in the back of my throat and caused me to choke. The stupid assistant was not good with the suction thing. Now that the stress of it is over, I just want to sleep. But it’s too early to. I hope I don’t catch my second wind later.

I was able to shower even though my back didn’t like it at all. It cramped soon as I got in. Saves me from having to take one tomorrow as I need to be up early. I have an early appointment with my psych. I think it will be our last appointment for this month as she is taking a three week vacation. I think it starts next week, but I could be wrong. I’ll find out tomorrow. She will still have access to her email. I just won’t be able to page her because her beeper will be signed out to her boss.

I still haven’t heard from the therapy center. I sent them two requests. I am going to give them another week and see what happens. I’ve done all I can but camp out at their office. If I don’t hear from them by the end of next week, I will move on to someone else. Who that will be, I have no fricken clue. A friend gave me a referral network number so I think I will call and see if I get anywhere. It might be worth a shot.

2 thoughts on “dental appointment and other things

  1. I hate the dentist. I am glad that you got it done and over with though. I hope the ativan made you sleep. It always makes me sleepy I can only get it in hospital though. Out of hospital my PRN is haldol. xx


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