in the abyss with the black dog 2

In the abyss with the black dog 2

Someone left a comment on my blog and I didn’t realize I left out how I felt when I wrote that blog. So I am writing this again using the same title as I feel it is most appropriate. I sometimes get off target when I start with a title. I can sometimes get lost in the telling of my events that I forget to mention how I feel.

I am struggling emotionally right now because pain has become really bad. I also am having a hard time adjusting to keeping track of my bladder and how much I drink. I am becoming so stressed, the thing with my vocal cord muscles are tightening up again. I am finding it hard to talk, especially with my hard of hearing mother. I have to basically yell for her to hear me. I just have been feeling so down and out. I feel like there is a black cloud following me once again. I was hoping going on the duloxetine would help. It’s been a week and other than some minor pain relief, I am getting no relief from the depression. The doc told me if in two weeks I see no change to increase the dose. It really takes longer than two weeks to see a change with antidepressants.

I know my sister is causing me stress because she continues to not understand my current medical situation about the self-cathing. I just can’t deal with her ignorance. I think that is also tensing up the vocal muscles. I hope I don’t lose my voice again.

I still have been having these sleep attacks where I need my pillow. I feel lightheaded and need to lay down. I sometimes fall asleep. Other times I am just laying down resting. I don’t know if I have a bug or what. I just feel really tired, more so than usual. It could just be stress, which has been growing for a while now. I just don’t know what to do about it as coffee doesn’t really help me to stay awake. I was able to shower today, hoping it would wake me up but it just exhausted me. My ankle has been hurting me all fricken day so maybe pain is causing me to be so fricken tired. I still need to do my med boxes for the week. I am just about ready to give up on things. I just can’t seem to find a point in going on. I want to end this miserable existence. Maybe this will be the week I do.

One thought on “in the abyss with the black dog 2

  1. Any chance you have Atrial Fibrillation? I do and right now it is out of kilter and all of a sudden I get extremely tired. Then it goes away for a long time and then I am extremely tired again. Cardiologist says I need an ablation which will probably be next week.


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