in the abyss with the black dog

In the abyss with the black dog

Past few days have not been easy. Wed I got the cath taken out and was shown how to self-cath. To my relief, I am able to void on my own a few times a day but not all the time. It also takes a while for me to go and I can’t force the pee to come out. If it doesn’t after more than a few minutes, then I have to cath. It hasn’t been easy as I keep waking up at 0300 every night to pee, even if I don’t have the urge. I did last night and I wasn’t over the toilet so I basically peed on my underwear. I had a really full bladder as soon as the cath was in, urine was flying everywhere. I cleaned up and was upset about it. I had a hard time going back to sleep.

Also on Wed, I emailed my psych about should I call her if I am in a crisis. She said I should call the people I am working with now. I felt, and still feel, abandoned by her telling me this. In her reply, she asked if we had done a safety plan. I ignored the question. Earlier tonight as I was trying to write this blog, I sent her the blog I wrote Tues that describes everything that went on and how miserable I felt. I had texted the therapist yesterday saying I was having a hard time and was planning to end things soon again. All she wanted to know was if I was safe this weekend. I give up trying to tell her how I feel and how suicidal I am. Now I am truly alone as I don’t really have any mental health professional to call when I am in crisis, aside from going to the emergency room.

I was able to go to the grocery store today and make a dinner. I made my chili cornbread casserole dish I like. I made it really spicy. It is so good. Will be even better tomorrow. I will give whatever is left over to my barber as he loves the dish. He isn’t working Monday but he will Tues. I have to be in the Square anyway as I got to go see my TG doc. It is just a follow up. I sent her an email last week telling to please don’t say anything about my weight. I have been having issues around it and feel like if she tells me to lose more weight, it will just feed into my not eating. There already have been a few days where I have not eaten anything all day. I haven’t weighed myself but will tomorrow morning when I get up, provided I get some sleep tonight. My foot has been throbbing since yesterday at 0400 because of a storm that is passing through. It is really driving me crazy and I just can’t seem to get comfortable with it, even if I have it on a pillow. It is really bringing me down as well as trying to keep track of the times in between urinating. I am supposed to cath four times a day so that means roughly every six hours. With me not having any urge to go, I need to keep track of the time before I get too full. I also need to keep track of how much I drink. Just so much shit to keep track of. I thought keeping track of my bowels was hard, and it still is. I have been really constipated since this new urinary issue. I think it is because I no longer sit on the toilet so much and the muscles aren’t being used like they once were. I restarted taking the fiber pills. I have to be careful with them because one time I took too many and they made me sick. I had really bad gas pains. It was terrible. I think it was because I didn’t drink enough fluid after I took them. I always make sure I drink at least 4-5 ounces of fluid after I take them.

All week, I have been feeling kind of sick. I have been having chills and my head has been feeling like it weighs a ton. I have been so lethargic it isn’t funny. It could just be because of the infection that I had. I am feeling better today but there have been a few times where I thought I was just going to doze off again. I kept checking my temp but it was normal. My blood pressure was low as well as my pulse. I might have just been dehydrated. I have been fighting sleep the past few hours but I wanted to write a blog. I just been having trouble finding my words lately. I have so much to say, I just don’t know how to say it. I get tied up in the language. Throw in the haze of gabapentin and it is really hard to concentrate. But I am writing now and that is all that counts. Whether or not it makes sense, that is up to you, my readers.

One thought on “in the abyss with the black dog

  1. Good to see you back “here”. I don’t know how you are feeling, even though you have very eloquently described your life, so I won’t give you the have a better day or hope you feel better…and yes, it does make sense to me…wish that it didn’t, but it does.


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