thunderstorms, sleepless night, and pain

Thunderstorms, sleepless night, and pain

There were storms this afternoon that started soon after I took my second nap of the day. I went to bed around 7. I didn’t plan on it but my damn ceiling fan made some scary noises and I couldn’t sleep. I put it on a lower setting and the noise stopped. I need to have my brother in law look at it. I have had it running non stop for a while so it might be on its way out.

I got a text from a friend around 3 and as I was up, I responded. We ended up talking till around 6. I made breakfast, wrote my psych an email saying I was again up all night, and then went back to sleep. Back has been hurting off and on all day. It was very humid today so I didn’t venture out. I also didn’t make coffee. I was too sleepy for it. I had called the dentist to verify that I do I have an appointment tomorrow and I do. I am not looking forward to it.

My ankle pain is still there. It woke me up for dinner. My mother made raviolis. It was good. I might have some ice cream later on. I’m still feeling really tired despite sleeping most of the day. Think I am going to sleep until it is time for my night meds and then sleep some more. Just too tired to do anything else and the storms are really hurting my back.

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