post op day 1 hysterectomy

Post op day 1 hysterectomy

I am doing well. I am eating and drinking ok. My pain is manageable. I have more cramps than pain and more sore. I can sit up for a little bit before it gets too uncomfortable. I have been keeping a schedule with my meds and bladder. I seem to have to go every three hours or so until it becomes really painful. I am bleeding still so still wearing pads. I was wearing the underwear they gave me in the hospital and it didn’t hold the pad well so leaked onto my shorts. I had to change them in the middle of the night. I was up literally every three hours even without drinking a lot, just sleeping. The ibuprofen worked really good for the cramps. I got another order of it that my sister is picking up. They gave me Tylenol too but I have it so don’t need it. For some reason someone ordered citalopram so I had to call the pharmacy to cancel that order as I am not on it anymore.

I texted and emailed my friends. I also posted on social media. I was thinking of showering today but I don’t think I am up for it. I might just wash myself as I am pretty bloody and it is interfering with cathing. I don’t want a UTI. I have a little sore throat from the breathing tube they put in. Also have phlegm. It has been hard to cough it up because it hurts. I texted my therapist and said I will be in touch when I want to see her. Sitting has been a problem and then I need to lie down.

I took off the tegaderm bandages on my cuts. Taking it off hurt more than the incision. I have four incisions on my belly. They shaved me which I was not surprised. I was really hairy. I don’t feel bloated so I guess the gas has come out of me or I just am not aware of it because of the pain meds. I have been walking around the house so I think that has helped.

I need to lay down again so I will stop here but I just wanted to give a quick update on how I was doing. Thanks all for your support through this.

any thoughts?

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