a Cold at Christmas time sucks!!

Today was another awful day. I forced myself out of the house to get my license renewed and nearly collapsed in exhaustion when I came home. I hardly ate anything today. I just ordered Chinese and didn’t even eat a small portion of it. I just have no appetite even though I have been thinking about food all day. I still am coughing and wheezing. I feel so drained. I am congested and I just feel awful.

Tomorrow is Christmas and I don’t think I will join in the festivities. I haven’t even wrapped my gifts or finished my shopping. I guess it will have to wait till I am feeling better. I don’t care. This cold has forced me to think about things. Yet not to think about them at all. Am I being selfish because I have not done anything? I don’t know. I just want to stay in bed where it is nice and warm and I don’t have to deal with anyone.

I am losing the sense of smell. My tastebuds have already flown the coop as my dinner didn’t taste as good as I thought it would.

I am pissed off at Walgreens for not filling my prescription because they need to have it clarified by my doctor. I don’t understand it. It says take as directed. How can that be misunderstood?? My doctor has told me how to take it so why is there a problem?? And it’s Christmas which means I most likely will run out of my script as the new one can’t be filled yet. I am so mad and when I went to voice my disgust with my mother I lost my voice because she couldn’t hear me because of my raspy voice. Nothing like trying to talk sense to a deaf person when you are ill. I hope they get this straightened out soon because I need my meds. I will fight with this stupid pharmacist if I have to.  She is a good person but I hate that she has to verify every prescription she gets!! That just takes too damn long in my book!!

I just realized I have not written anything in my journal in over a week now. And there are only six more days left in the year. I guess I will start a new journal sooner rather than later. I just haven’t had the energy of writing a blog and then writing a personal journal entry. It’s taken a lot of energy just for me to write this much.

I was supposed to go over my Aunt’s house but I never do on Christmas Eve. I have always done my own thing. Or I have worked. This is the first Christmas that I am not working. I got asked today what my job is and I told them I was disabled. How depressing.

Don’t know if I told you about my neuro opthalmalogist appt went. They still don’t know what is causing my eye changes. I still have to get new glasses as it was recommended that a new progressive lenses might help. I had to return my other ones as I could not see out of them at all, or I could for a little while and then all went blurry. I hated them. I have worn glasses since the first grade but these I absolutely could not stand. I liked the frame and all but there was just something wrong with the lenses. So my Christmas gift to me is to buy some new glasses. Course I will only go shopping if I am feeling better!!  This cold sucks!!