There’s nothing magical about writing…

“There’s nothing magic about writing; it’s a learned skill”.—Tom Young

I got this quote from a writer’s tip twitter follower. I thought it was poignant as my therapist thinks that I have these skills as writer. She is in awe of my writing. Some times, I have to admit, that I am in awe myself. But writing, I guess, has always come naturally to me. In recent months, all I needed was a phrase to go on. For example, my writing buddy gave me the phrase, “write the pain” and I went off with it and it was a nice piece of writing. I am thinking of collecting these blogs and publishing them into a book. I think they would be a nice short story collection for my next book. But first I need to publish my first book before I start thinking about my second one.

I got a message from my editor that today she will be off as she will be spending time with her family. I just hope when she starts work tomorrow, I am on the list. I am so sick of waiting for her services to start. I know I should start looking for another editor but I don’t have the greenbacks nor would I know where to look. Definitely, not on FB again. And the editors in my area are pretty pricey, like thousands of dollars as they go by word. It would cost me like $50,000 to see my book edited. I don’t have that kind of money, nor should I think that I should pay per word. I think I am just stuck waiting for this editor because I don’t have the back bone to go to her and tell her I need my book edited NOW or I want my money back. I even had a dream where I did this but unfortunately, I woke up before I could see the response. LOL. I am paid in full for services so I don’t know why she is taking so friggin long. I just am so frustrated waiting. It’s like half my life is spent just waiting for people. I have to have gotten my patience back because otherwise I think I would have said something by now. All I do know is that she better be damn good for me to wait this long.

I know for the past few weeks all I have been writing about is my book, but it’s such a big part of what is going on with me right now and it has produced stress for me. And writing about it has helped with my anxiety level.

Today I got a haircut, after two months of not seeing barber. I also dropped off my prescription, only to be told that the doctor needs to change it because they no longer carry the 1 mg pills. I am so annoyed by this. I am glad I am not completely out of my meds but I will if this doesn’t get resolved. I have a few days at best. My doctor is usually good at filling my prescription fast so I am not worried. After this, I decided to go back out and get a mocha. I did some writing at Starbucks. I wrote a letter to my therapist and journaled a little bit. Then it was time to head back home. I got my mother a couple dozen eggs and got myself turkey bacon. I have been craving turkey bacon for a while. I was going to have it tonight for supper but my mother made a type of broccoli soup so I had that instead. I don’t think I could have made the bacon anyways as my ankle has been taxed enough for today. It already became stiff when I started going down the stairs to check for mail. Every time I think I can rejoin the workforce, I have a setback. Tomorrow I have to see my neurologist. That appointment is going to be a waste of time. My neuro has gone holistic on me so is not medically based. But I like her and will humor her as she explains the benefits of chair yoga and the like. She should be a life coach as she tries to incorporate healthy living skills during our appointments. Only doctor I know that does this. But then my doctors are a funny bunch. I have to tell her about the thigh pain that I have been having. I think one of my discs have shifted right as I am getting pain down my right thigh. Usually, all my pain is on my left side, so it is quite unusual to have it on my right. I hope it’s nothing too serious. Because if I get CES again, I will kill myself. I am not going to go through surgery again. I will never be able to work again as I will need a fusion. And so far everyone that I know that has had one, never was able to work again in the capacity they had before surgery. It scares me to think that I might have to have surgery again because my whole lumbar spine is fucked up. I have my L2/L3 verterbraes overlapping one another instead of being in a line and the other discs are all herniated. My L5/S1 is herniated so much it touches my nerve root. But they don’t want to do anything about it. I guess as long as it is not compressing the nerve, I am okay and I am okay with that. I haven’t noticed any weakness in my leg, just radiating pain on occasion, nothing constant. That is a good sign but it is worth mentioning just the same. It has been a while since my last MRI. I don’t even remember when I had it done last. Probably in 2010 or 2009 when my ankle was flaring up big time and we were thinking it was coming from the back. The only thing that sucks is that there was no contrast injected because I am a hard stick. I tried to stay hydrated enough so I could get stuck but the technician couldn’t find a vein good enough for the IV contrast. It sucks having to get stuck but it’s important because the contrast shows the difference between new stuff and old stuff.

2 thoughts on “There’s nothing magical about writing…

  1. I have to say, I disagree with that quote. Writing is magic to me. It is everyday magic that anyone can do. But it can transform you. It can make you cry or laugh until you cry. It can take you some place you have never been, or some place that doesn’t exist. It can change your life and your world view. It can make you feel close to someone on the other side of the world, or someone that died 100 years ago. It absolutely is magic to me.


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