Doc appt and Mixed Drinks about Feelings

Doc appoint and Mixed Drinks about Feelings

My appointment went well. I had to update my entire medical history but it didn’t take long as most of it was already in the computer. I did have to update my medications as there have been changes in the last two years. I see her in a year and but before the appointment I need to have blood work. I hope I remember.

I didn’t sleep well, again. I went to bed late and then woke up at 4 and 5. I got up at 0615 to shower. I was hoping to snooze but I knew that would be a bad idea. So I got dressed and caught the bus to the square. I had my mocha and did some writing in my journal as I was sitting in my “spot”. The place was empty so I had no distractions. I wasn’t as paranoid either. It was raining when I left my house but by the time I got to the square it stopped. I was so made because I had to carry the stupid umbrella around for nothing. It was too big to put in my bag. Then the sun came out and I was really cursing because I didn’t bring my sunglasses. I just want to go to bed and I will after this blog.

I emailed my psychiatrist about the appointment. I haven’t heard back yet. I am glad that she told me that doc that I saw today was good. She seemed caring. And she wasn’t freaked out by my psych history. She made sure that I had psych providers but didn’t contact them. That was my biggest fear. That she would send me to the psych emergency room or wait till my psychiatrist called her back before leaving. Like all doctors these days, she wants me to lose weight. I don’t see how this is possible as I am not an active person. I am going to ask my PCP if I can go on an appetite suppressant to lose weight. Restricting calories and shit just isn’t for me. I love food too much to try and stop myself from eating bad and eating good just costs too much.

I am glad she didn’t ask if I was psychotic lately. It sucks that I have to be on two different antipsychotics but so be it. There are risks involved but they outweigh the benefit. I am glad I have a psychiatrist that watches me closely and cares.

“no use fighting the fight, there’s no contest tonight” Eric Church

any thoughts?

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