Sleepy Monday

Sleepy Monday

All I did today was sleep. I just couldn’t get out of bed. I got notification that my prescriptions were ready and was planning on getting it but I didn’t. I haven’t left the house since Thursday. I haven’t showered in at least a week. I know I need a shower. I figured I would shower and then go to the pharmacy. Now it’s looking like I might take a shower before bed. That might not happen either.

I tried to see if my therapist had an opening today to talk to her but she is booked. I didn’t think I would even blog today. I just don’t want to do anything today that requires thinking. At dinner, my mother asked why I haven’t been going out. I didn’t tell her it was because I was depressed. I just said I didn’t feel like going out, which is true. Now I have to go out tomorrow or she is going to think something is wrong. Fuck. Well, if I don’t shower, I am not going out. Only thing I have been doing for self-hygiene is brushing my teeth. Usually I don’t even do that.

My brother in law has been working on his kitchen most of the day. Sleeping has been difficult to come by because of this but I just stay in bed. I haven’t really sat up to do anything other than check stuff on my phone. I barely used the laptop today, except for writing this blog. I have to use word to write my blog.

I just have no energy. I didn’t even make coffee today. I was going to so I could combine the two Brazil’s into one bag. I probably could do it but I don’t want the full bag to be too full. The stuff is expensive and I don’t want any of it to go to waste. I used to put my coffee in Tupperware containers but my idiotic mother once combined my breakfast blend coffee with Maxwell House so I don’t do that anymore! If I didn’t need special grounding for my French press, I would have used it but didn’t want to take the chance of mixing grounds. She doesn’t use Maxwell House at all as she barely uses a coffee maker. She just uses instant coffee that is disgusting. I can’t stand the smell of that coffee. It makes me sick. But then, my mother says the same about my coffee so I guess we’re even.

The Pats lost to the Eagles yesterday. I didn’t watch the whole game but they just fell apart in the third and fourth quarters. By the time I checked Twitter to see how the game was going, it was abysmal. Within just a few minutes, the Eagles scored like 3 touchdowns that sealed the game. I tried to watch the last few seconds of the game but I couldn’t find the damn channel in time. When I did, the game was over. I was hoping for a miracle but it didn’t happen. I am upset but I know they will win the next game. They got to.

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