Random 333

Despite it being a good day out, I stayed inside. My mother wasn’t feeling well so I stayed in to make sure she didn’t fall because she was feeling dizzy. She is doing better now.

I didn’t sleep most of the night last night. After chat, I had a renewed energy that left me up till after 0300. I finally took some Ativan and it knocked me out. I had wanted to learn a new technology called Prezi but it was too complicated for my tired brain. So I wrote another blog about my traumatic teen years as this is anniversary week.

The only thing that I have done today was read an article on the repercussions of suicide and how it affects people. It wasn’t an interesting article that I thought it would be. There wasn’t technical language but it just left you wondering what the fall out was. The author kept on using the hashtag #not6 which is all well and good but this paper really didn’t point it out. Maybe I was just tried and was trying to read something that is there but isn’t.

I need to take a shower some time today. My ankle is feeling better than it was yesterday and I am hoping it will wake me up some. I feel so lifeless. I am still really tired. This is the third or fourth day straight that I have not left my house for anything or if I did, I came right back to bed to sleep. I had a cup of tea today hoping it would ward off the tireds but it didn’t. Even if my mother felt ok today, I doubt I would have gone out. I just had no plans to take a shower and get dressed, wait for the bus, get my coffee, etc. Though a nice soy vanilla latte sounds really good right about now. Wish Starbucks delivered sometimes but then, I don’t think I would ever leave the house.

I’ll have to go out tomorrow to pick up my prescription from Walgreens. Maybe I will go to the Square and write. I will do it after my therapy appointment, if I feel up to it. Last night, I got the hungry horrors. I am glad I still had a protein bar from a previous shopping order. I have been wanting to have a bowl of cereal but we are almost out of milk. When my mother buys a new gallon, I will have my cereal.

I can’t believe how tired I am and I haven’t done anything all day. I ate some left over Chinese for lunch and had a bran muffin for breakfast. Dinner will be a lazy man’s lasagna. I don’t like it so I probably will just have the meatballs and sausages in the sauce.

There is still no word on when the new fridge will be arriving. I hope they can take the old fridge out and put in the new one. It will be very sad if we don’t get this new fridge. I had ice cream in my freezer and it was more like soup. It was at one point soft serve but downgraded to soup. Course, I have no idea what we are going to do with the freezer stuff. The weather is going to be warm the next few days so putting them outside on the porch isn’t ideal. I sure as hell am not going to be taking shit to the basement and back up to the second floor. That is a NO.

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