The Plan

The Plan

I talked with my therapist today about the hospital. We spent a good amount of time talking about it. She thinks that I need a rest and need to go in because the depression is too much. The plan is that I go in tomorrow morning to the psych ED hospital where I have the majority of my care. I think it will be easier for my psychiatrist to “control” things and get me where I need to be. I just hope I don’t end up in Timbuktu hospital. I don’t know what the bed availability of the hospital that I like is going to be. It might be a long wait. That is why I figure on going in the morning, before my mother wakes up. My therapist said that I should leave a note. I don’t feel comfortable with this idea but it might be better than her calling me every hour, trying to get in touch with me. She doesn’t understand the complexity of going in the hospital and that I might not have use of my cell phone. I haven’t told my sisters yet. The only people that really know are the people of the blog world.

I ate today. But it’s been the only thing that I have had besides an Ensure. Last night I was bitching because I needed $0.55 to complete an order for free shipping from and around midnight, I spent more than the minimum amount for the same order. I ordered more Ensure as well as the Aspercreme lidocaine cream. I should have just bought it in the store today when I went for my mother. It would have saved me $35. I still can’t believe that I am still suffering from the physical symptoms of depression for the past five months or so. I asked my therapist when this was going to end and she had no answer for me. Five months is a long time for an episode. I hope my psychiatrist read my blog that I wrote last night. It details the depressive episode to a T.

I would have gone to the hospital today but I had no energy to deal with people today or lug my things to the hospital. Just going to Walgreens for a few items that I needed for my stay wore me out. I can’t believe the price of file boards. They used to be 99 cents. Now they are close to $8. Ridiculous. But I need the “safety” ones so I can use them in the hospital as they don’t allow the pointy ones or a nail cutter. I probably won’t use it, but you never know. I also bought a trial size of shampoo. The price of that went up as well. Unreal. Nothing is 99 cents anymore.

I have to take a shower tonight. It has been warm the past few days so I have been sweating. I don’t understand why I stink because I shaved my underarms. I know you can still smell, but it hasn’t been that long since my last shower! I smell like it’s been ages since I showered. I hate it. Because of the warm weather, I am in a quandary of what kind of clothes to wear tomorrow. If I wear shorts, it might be cold when I get discharged. I think even though I will be really warm, I will wear my jeans. I will pack a sweatshirt just in case. I don’t think the temps will be below 40 but knowing New England, it can drop that much. I just have one bag to pack and then I will be set. I just hope I can carry both bags on public transportation without hurting myself.

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