Medication Troubles

Medication troubles

I don’t know why I am having so much trouble filling my medication, particularly the medication I need to prevent me from losing my shit. My pdoc sent the trilafon to the mail order company instead of Walgreens. That’s all well and good if I wasn’t running low on my pills. So I had to call her back and tell her to call in a script to Walgreens to cover me. I thought there wouldn’t be a problem as the lady from my insurance said they would cover the pills at the retail pharmacy.

So I wait, patiently as I could, for Walgreens to process the order. There is an insurance delay. I call and find out they will not fill the script until July 14th! WTF! It’s $22 for 14 pills so rather than get stressed out, I told the pharmacist to fill it, that I will just pay the out of pocket cost. It’s kind of not what I was expecting but I think I will have enough cash to cover me until I get paid next. Least I hope so.

I get a call from my doctor’s office saying that my strong pain pill prescription was ready to be picked up. I am going to go early so in case there is a problem, it will be settled tomorrow rather than Tuesday as Monday is a holiday. I really need this medication for break through pain that can’t be controlled by my regular pain pills. I only asked for 15 pills because that is what my former PCP always gave me. The last script lasted a year so I think I will be fine. I don’t use it that often anyways.

If the pharmacy gives me a hard time, I swear I am going to start going to another pharmacy. I can’t stand the stress of dealing with pharmacists that think they know better than my doctors.

A little update in the mood department:

I felt a little better when I got my trilafon. But now I am starting to feel bad again. I got a little headache that is affecting my vision. I think it’s the beginning of a migraine. Either that or I need new glasses. Fireworks have started in my area and they have been freaking me out. I don’t like loud noises at all. I have been listening to music the past few hours. My phone needed an update so I couldn’t play my playlist but I was able to play Pandora on the Kindle Fire. Thank god because I really needed music to keep the voices at bay. I haven’t taken a trilafon yet because my lip is hurting really bad. It’s wicked chapped and with all the sneezes I sneezed today, I cracked it open. I bought some stuff at Walgreens to help it but it takes time to heal. I hope it feels better tomorrow.

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