Medication Troubles

Medication troubles

I don’t know why I am having so much trouble filling my medication, particularly the medication I need to prevent me from losing my shit. My pdoc sent the trilafon to the mail order company instead of Walgreens. That’s all well and good if I wasn’t running low on my pills. So I had to call her back and tell her to call in a script to Walgreens to cover me. I thought there wouldn’t be a problem as the lady from my insurance said they would cover the pills at the retail pharmacy.

So I wait, patiently as I could, for Walgreens to process the order. There is an insurance delay. I call and find out they will not fill the script until July 14th! WTF! It’s $22 for 14 pills so rather than get stressed out, I told the pharmacist to fill it, that I will just pay the out of pocket cost. It’s kind of not what I was expecting but I think I will have enough cash to cover me until I get paid next. Least I hope so.

I get a call from my doctor’s office saying that my strong pain pill prescription was ready to be picked up. I am going to go early so in case there is a problem, it will be settled tomorrow rather than Tuesday as Monday is a holiday. I really need this medication for break through pain that can’t be controlled by my regular pain pills. I only asked for 15 pills because that is what my former PCP always gave me. The last script lasted a year so I think I will be fine. I don’t use it that often anyways.

If the pharmacy gives me a hard time, I swear I am going to start going to another pharmacy. I can’t stand the stress of dealing with pharmacists that think they know better than my doctors.

A little update in the mood department:

I felt a little better when I got my trilafon. But now I am starting to feel bad again. I got a little headache that is affecting my vision. I think it’s the beginning of a migraine. Either that or I need new glasses. Fireworks have started in my area and they have been freaking me out. I don’t like loud noises at all. I have been listening to music the past few hours. My phone needed an update so I couldn’t play my playlist but I was able to play Pandora on the Kindle Fire. Thank god because I really needed music to keep the voices at bay. I haven’t taken a trilafon yet because my lip is hurting really bad. It’s wicked chapped and with all the sneezes I sneezed today, I cracked it open. I bought some stuff at Walgreens to help it but it takes time to heal. I hope it feels better tomorrow.

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind

I watched this movie tonight because one of the actors also played in Stargate SG1. It has been a while since I last saw it and it is such a good movie. I could relate a lot to what the main character was going through because I have had to deal with delusions and medications and hospitalizations. I knew when I was 16 that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life. It’s not always easy to take them and I have stopped them for a while only to be back on them.

Ten years ago I was in a horrible, deep, severe depression. I had stopped my meds which only made things worse. My psychiatrist asked me to do her a “favor” and it was to go back on my meds. Within a few weeks, I was feeling remarkably different. I wasn’t 100% better, but I felt like I could face the world again. I knew then that I couldn’t stop my meds ever again and I have been taking them consistently, for the most part. There have been nights where I don’t take them but they are far and in between.

I am glad that the increase in the sertraline has helped my mood and physical symptoms of depression. My appetite, I think, is back to normal. I will be placing an order for groceries next week. I ordered burgers and avocados. I am planning on making my favorite burger from my favorite burger joint. The only thing missing is the onion rings, but I can make do without. I am actually looking forward to making something to eat where before it was a chore and I had absolutely no interest at all. I should have gone up on the sertraline sooner but I like being cautious. I really didn’t want to get sick off the meds so I did the increase slowly. I just hope that I can stay at the dose for a while and it doesn’t make me sick.

I see my psychiatrist on Monday. I hope that I don’t stress her out because I need two prescriptions, one of which I need a hard copy because it is a controlled substance. I am not sure she has figure out how to print off scripts with the new system. I am hoping she has. I don’t know why they had to change systems across Partners institutions. No one likes this new system, but they are stuck with it, unfortunately.

I am fighting sleep. I really want Morpheus to knock me out and come take me away but he is missing. I wasn’t planning on staying up this late but I just can’t seem to relax enough to lie down. I read what I wrote in my last blog as someone left a comment that has me perplexed. I approved it because it wasn’t bad or anything of the sort. But after I read my blog, I understood the comment a little better. I didn’t realize my last paragraph had such a powerful ending. It started the movie playing again, and I don’t mean “A Beautiful Mind”. I just really can’t stop thinking about my father’s death sometimes and once it’s on my brain, I can’t get it out. I have tried distraction but that hasn’t been working too well for me lately. Music has helped. But it’s late and I don’t want to activate my brain with lyrics. I really need some classical music or something soothing to listen to that doesn’t have words that I can analyze to death. I know I should write down the “movie” in my notepad so I can finish it but not at this hour. I am too tired to get triggered by memories of that day. I know it’s there anyways but I don’t want to revisit it right now.

I bought a shirt a month ago and I just recently received it. It was in support of Michael Dorn, the actor that played Worf in the Next Gen series of Star Trek. I thought I ordered an XL. I got a 4XL that is swimming on me. I had no idea it was so huge. I like it though because it is very comfortable. Maybe it will shrink if I wash it a few times.

Well, I think the pain meds have finally kicked in from more than an hour ago. Morpheus, if you’re out there, please come find me!

Least Make it Feel Like Night

Least Make it Feel Like Night

My Pats lost. I am in agony both sports wise and in pain. I never had my margarita. The whole game was back and forth. It was a tough game to watch. I missed most of the third quarter. Then watched parts of the fourth. I couldn’t handle it. There should have been at least one unsportsmanlike conduct when the Broncos sacked Brady and then the guy was pulling at his crotch. That was uncalled for.

Now I don’t know what I am going to do. After my Pats play, I hit a depression until March when spring training begins. Catchers and pitchers report to Fort Meyers in a couple of weeks. I’ll get to see the idiotic face of Dave Price now more than I ever wanted to. I hate this guy so much. He is such a player with no meaning, and I don’t mean as in a baseball player. The guy just makes me sick. And we have him for the next 3-7 years. This weekend they had a Sox fan weekend in I think Foxwoods, which is in Connecticut. Mr. Price couldn’t make it because of the snow in Nashville. But Ramirez was there and we had to hear how confident he is at 1B by several people, including the GM. I really think he is going to suck at that position like he sucked in LF. Just wait until Pedroia throws him a pitch that should be caught and he drops it thus missing for a double play. He is not my favorite player. Actually there are three people I don’t like that are playing for the sox: Sandoval (aka Panda), Price, and Ramirez. Going to be an interesting season. I will be boycotting the game on NESN and just be listening via radio or Twitter.

I forgot to refill one of my important pills so I can’t take it tonight because I don’t have it. So tonight is hodgepodge night. I will just take what I feel like taking. I thought it was later than 1900 but it’s 1845. I took one of my meds really early. I am tired anyways so I’ll just take my pain meds and call it a night. I might wake up around midnight/0100. If I do, I will probably write another blog.

I feel like such a jerk because I didn’t refill my meds. This is the second time that I forgot. I think it’s because I threw away the pack before I refilled it that I forgot, but then I had a LOT going on last week and the pain didn’t help any. I got to get my haircut in the morning when that barber shop opens. I will be so disappointed if they are closed. I got to remember to bring my Times article with me. I told them I would bring it in the next time I got my haircut.

I’m going to have to start writing things down on the calendar so I don’t forget refills for my pills. I have to keep track because it’s not a 30 day schedule they have me on and I forget. I am trying to be better at refilling my meds before they run out instead of when they run out. Like one of my blood pressure pills. I always wait until I am down to my last week before refilling it. I feel like such a loser but this medication I get a special deal at Stop and Shop where I only pay $10/90 day supply for the script whereas if I went through my regular pharmacy, I would pay twice that amount and only get a 30 day supply. It saves to shop around for medication.

Morning Pain

Morning Pain

I woke up about a half hour ago in pain. My hip is on fire. It didn’t like the position I was in, though I was not sleeping on it. I was more on my back than my hip but it didn’t matter. The pain is changing my mood and I don’t like it. I know this pain is temporary. I know it will go away eventually, but I am starting to lose hope that it will. I have been in pain since before Dec 1st. That is already more than two weeks, maybe three that this pain has been awful. I know once I start moving around it goes away, a little bit. But waking up to it, is another fucking story. I woke up a few minutes before 0200, went back to sleep and now I am still in pain. I guess the pain meds that I took at 0200 wore off. I am so aggravated! Then trying to maneuver my body so I can get up and write and take more pills just kills me. I am going to call my physiatrist today and see if he can recommend something for the pain. I don’t want to be on another fucking pill but would like some advise as to when this pain is going to heal and I think he would be better than my PCP in helping me figure it out.

Last night I was really beside myself. I didn’t want to take my night medication. Have over 8 pills to take. Three blood pressure pills, antidepressant, mood stabilizer, two anti-spasmotics, stomach pill, vitamin D, anti-inflammatory, allergy pill, OCP, and my anti-psychotic pill. This doesn’t include my pain meds or my Ativan. It like taking a meal of meds. When I was in the hospital, it was worse. One of my blood pressure pills they split in half, so instead on one 40 mg pill, I took two 20 mg ones. I would be at the nurses station a good while, taking each pill, two or three at a time. It was maddening. And my mood stabilizer they didn’t have the 600 mg tabs so I again got 2 pills, 300 mg each. I hated taking my meds every night because it took me so damn long to take all the pills. Now, I take just as many but more pill counts. I can’t win and it is depressing me. I remember before CES, I was just taking one or two pills a day for my mental illness. Either I was taking an antidepressant and my antipsychotic or I was just taking the antidepressant. After CES, I remember taking up to 20 tablets a day!! It was ridiculous. That was because I was taking my pain medication like four times a day plus my anti-inflammatory pill. Once I found out that they had an extended release pill, I got on that. I love this pill because it helps with my arthritic pain and usually my back. I think it has lost its effectiveness on me because I don’t get the relief I once did. I think if it continues, I might have the physiatrist switch me to another one and see how that works. I will still be taking a pill, but at least it might work better in relieving my pain. I was reluctant to do this back in October when I first met the guy, but since having this new onset of back pain, I am will to try something else, it would help me.

Ankle has now started hurting and I have not even put ANY type of pressure on it. I didn’t stand on it. I just sat up in bed. The stupid mysterious pain that I get every single time I wake up in the morning. ARGH!! Right now, my ankle pain doesn’t hurt as much as my back hip pain. I really am having terrible thoughts of hurting myself with all this pain. I just want it to end but I don’t think it will. I am losing help that this temporary pain is going to last. But I will say that as long as I can wipe my butt, I am happy. It’s when I can’t do that, I get worried that something more serious is going on. But like I have said before, the pain isn’t radiating down any of my legs or into my butt. I don’t have any problems with my bowels or bladder that are worse than my usual. I don’t have any new numbness or tingling in any of my lower extremities or genitals. I have nothing that would suggest that this is a disc problem, though it very well could be, but it is highly unlikely. I always am on the lookout for CES symptoms whenever I get back pain and it doesn’t go away. I am always worried that I will get acute CES again whenever my back flares up. For more information about this, check out my CES 101 page at the top.

I really wish I had a therapy appointment with my therapist today. I really could use the extra support in dealing with my father and this fucking pain. It is draining me so much. Not only am I waking up early in the morning, but once I am up, I usually am up. I don’t usually go back to sleep until later in the morning but I can’t today because I have to deal with my father. Least I don’t have to take a shower this morning because I took one last night before turning in. I was pretty exhausted. I had pork and my GI system doesn’t seem to tolerate the meat anymore. It just went right through me. Thankfully, I didn’t have any accidents. I took some Immodium to ease the gas and stop the runs. I really didn’t want to spend the night on the toilet.