Surgeon and being cold

Surgeon got back to me

I got a call from my surgeon this evening. He told me I had degenerative changes but nothing major going on. He offered me injections (I declined) or physical therapy. I opted for PT. His secretary will contact me with the information. I am glad he called me today rather than tomorrow when everything is going to be so busy in the morning.

I emailed my psychiatrist and texted my therapist with the news. I am glad I don’t need surgery, just physical therapy. I think it will be good because maybe I can get this kink out of my right hip and the soreness out of my left thigh. I know I don’t walk right because of my ankle issue and the PT is going to have their hands full with me because of my back issues. I haven’t thought where I want to go. Ideally, I would like to go to SRH as they were good to me there for my ankle, even though they didn’t help me. But they were trying to undo 14 years of damage in just a 30 min session. I didn’t have the patience or the tolerance to deal with the pain that ensued.

One less worry, for now. I hope I am not getting a damn cold again. My nose is clogged and I feel icky. I was able to shower, though my foot is killing me again. It’s going to be interesting to do physical therapy on my back with an injured ankle/foot.

It snowed today, our third snow fall of the year. We got a few inches, nothing major. I am hoping tomorrow it doesn’t freeze over as it’s supposed to be brutally cold. And of course, I will have to wait at the bus stop freezing my ass off. That is going to do *wonders* for my back. Just thinking about me makes me cold.

any thoughts?

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