Busy Saturday

Busy Saturday

I went out and got the ingredients for the pumpkin cake that I plan on making either tomorrow or Monday. My mother had sent me on her errands as well but as I was coming home from the grocery store, I realized I lost her money. I felt really bad and knew she was going to kill me. I told her what happened when I got home and she was upset and rightly so. I put in my pizza to be cooked and went upstairs to change.

My ankle was being a big brat and I have decided from now on I am going to where the AFO. It’s the only way I can think of to prevent my ankle from going out on me and me having to drag it afterwards. While I was in my PJs, I placed my hands in my pocket and found the money my mother had given me for her errands. So after I ate, I went to Walgreens to do her errand. I used the AFO and found it comfortable and my ankle didn’t hurt as much. So seems like I made the right choice.

I want to rest my ankle the rest of the day so I am not going to make the pumpkin cake even though I really want to. My mother made brownies for my aunt but she is not going to see my aunt today because her back is hurting her really bad. I had a few brownies and that seemed to have stopped my sweet tooth for now.

I need to take a shower sometime today. I don’t know when because my ankle is not happy with all the errands I did today. I might take it before bed, this way if it hurts, at least I can try and get some sleep. I didn’t make coffee today. I wanted to get things done before I became lazy.

OSU isn’t playing today. Nebraska is but I don’t have the channel it is on. I will have to keep an eye on it with Twitter. Sox don’t play until 1800 tonight. I think I will take a nap. I am kind of tired from doing all the running around.

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