I Voted!

I voted!

I got the Zipcar today and put extra time on it so I could vote early. Next week would have been difficult for me because I would either have to reserve a car or take 4 buses to the voting polls. I wasn’t going to do either. By the time I was done, I still had 45 minutes left on my time before returning the car. I got gas. There was a line. I didn’t know 1500 was the ideal time to get gas in my city. Every pump had a car. I waited as I had time to kill anyways.

I am sad that my childhood friend that moved to California and is visiting right now, I won’t be able to see. We probably would have if I didn’t go see my therapist. No matter, I will be having dinner with another friend tonight at the Thai place we like.

Therapy went okay. We talked a lot about my pain meds and how nervous I was about it. I had emailed my psychiatrist to email the NP about it because I feel like I will be in trouble otherwise. I just feel that the NP needs to know how much the pain is interfering with my mental health because it is so severe. I didn’t want to say it was causing me to be suicidal because that might cause more trouble than it’s worth.

Next week I need to go to Government Center to find out where the CBT office building is. We also talked about that in therapy. I am having hesitations about this form of therapy because it relies heavily on worksheets and such. The last thing I need is to write on paper at 3 in the morning what I am going through so this therapist has some clue. Nothing can be more clear than I want to die because the pain is so severe. I also hope that once they find out I have a regular therapist, they don’t stop this treatment. I am not going to choose between the two and neither is my therapist.

I had a nice night out with my friend. The Thai food was delicious. I ordered two spring rolls and was able to take one home for tomorrow’s lunch. I had a really nice time out though coming back my ankle started hurting. First time in a long time I had spent so much time out and in my brace. I knew it was going to flare, it was just a matter of time. I don’t need to flip a coin tonight as I already decided which pain pill to take. Friday can’t come fast enough.


  1. Jamaicans, OK, that’s normal for them. And any black people, or others with nappy hair to begin with. There’s cultural meaning in these things, so I get that it’s a statement. Fine, but for white people with smooth shiny hair to break it and do it violence so they can look like something they aren’t, well, got to practice that radical self acceptance thing–I was born white, and despite my years of tanning I will die white, and no quantity of hair amendments or body jewelry is going to do a damn thing when they cart you off on that final, final, final stretcher–you know that one.


  2. oh man. I hate dreadlocks. I think they are just the stupidest thing created. They just don’t look right on anyone I have seen them with. I just don’t get it. Have free flowing hair man, and if you don’t like it, chop it off, LOL


  3. Ugh, I knew a woman who had the most beautiful long straight hair, and she dreadlocked it and it looks horrible. To me. I guess her husband must like it, since she did it before they got engaged. I can’t imagine preferring that rat’s nest over lovely flowing tresses, but hey, it’s not me. I wonder how long the dreads lasted in Israel, where head lice is endemic (I chose “is” because I’m talking about the disease, but maybe I should use “are?”). Can’t really treat head lice with dreads. Whatever.


  4. no sah! I kind of saw that in a tweet but you can’t believe everything you see on twitter (hell someone hacked Star Trek.net and said Shatner died, when he was alive and well!!) I hope Hillary comes back, she HAS TO!!

    I don’t think you are weird. As long as you don’t have dreadlocks that you crocheted in your 7 foot long hair we are good! Saw a lady today like that and I nearly puked. It wasn’t a pleasant sight. I have no idea if there were bugs living there or what It was pretty gross, but I am sure you have seen it all.


  5. You’re fortunate to have friends and go out! I used to have friends, but since the bipolar has progressed as I age, they get weirded out and disappear from my life. I do get it, but it’s lonely. I can’t make new friends because…people get weirded out. I would, too, if I met someone as bizarre as I am. I even look crazy in the mirror. So it’s a good sign that your friends invite you, you invite them, you do things, you go out. Glad you voted. I did too. Sonofabitch is picking up some momentum in the polls, gotta stop that. He can’t be allowed to win!


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