Going home tomorrow

Met with my team this morning. We discussed discharge and I will be going home tomorrow because Friday is a holiday. Crummy SW ask if there was something to work on and I was like no. Like seriously, you came back on Monday and haven’t done a thing for me so why are you asking now? Idiot. My sis will be giving me a ride after she gets out of work. It might be a while as traffic could be terrible. 

Pain wise I am hurting. I was in the boot most of the day and took it off on second shift as my ankle bone was smarting. Now my foot is hurting, all three metatarsals. I can’t take anything until it is time for night meds.

I am glad I am going home. I looked at stuff my psych needs to fill out for my gender change for the motor vehicles registration. I also need a letter from her. Once I have it, I can then go to Social security to also change my gender.

I got to get my pain meds when I am out of here. I asked my mother to go through my pile of mail to see if my new insurance cards came for my prescription plan but it didn’t. I’m glad because I won’t be able to change my license for another 2 weeks. 

Pain is a 12 right now. All I did was throw shit out and ankle freezes up. I can’t bear weight at all on it. Staff provided a wheelchair for me to get around. I’m glad I’m in my room. It was getting really warm in the hallway. I still have a window open in my room. I’m glad I didn’t shut it. I’m in a rotten mood.

4 thoughts on “Going home tomorrow

  1. Sorry you’re in a rotten mood. Being in the hospital is the worst! I hope your discharge goes smoothly. That’s wonderful news you’ll be able to officially change your gender.


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