home and sleepy

Home and sleepy

I got discharged from the hospital today. My sister called me an Uber for a ride home. It was fine. I wasn’t in much pain. I checked my mail before heading up to my room to change. One of my credit cards had changed my name but didn’t issue me a new card. I thought that was weird. I got to call them to find out why. I received my medical records from my PCP’s office so Monday I will be calling the LGBT health center for an appt. Nothing else was of importance. So I headed up to my room. I changed then went back downstairs to put the new screen in my newer laptop. Sadly, I think the connection is bad. The screen lit up but that is all it did. I’ll have to take it to a computer place. I was bummed.

I went back to my room to open some PDFs on gender change forms and the renewal for my license. I tried to change my name on the form but it’s preprinted on there and I can’t change it. I will just bring it with me when I go. I have to have the gender form signed by my doc. I was hoping to copy and paste a letter so it would be easier for my doc to write but I wanted to do that on my other laptop. Now I will have to do it on this old one. I hope I don’t have to buy a new laptop. That will really suck. I wanted to print off the forms but I have no energy for it. I will do it tomorrow.

After surfing the web for a while, I got tired so laid down until my mother called me down for supper. I mashed the potatoes for my mother and then got the dishes ready while she rested as her back was hurting. After we ate, I put the stuff away. My foot started to act up. I still feel pretty tired. I am sure I will sleep good tonight in my own bed, without staff opening and closing my door every 15 minutes.

I am dying to make an egg burrito tomorrow morning. I really didn’t have eggs while I was in the hospital because they were watery. I like making my own eggs. I might have to buy new half and half because it’s a week old and possibly throw away the almond milk, too. Last time I used it after an admission it wasn’t good. Least I don’t have to worry about the ice cream going bad.

any thoughts?

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