Feeling down today. I wrote a little more on my history with suicidality for my book. I can’t believe all that I have gone through with my therapist and she is still with me. Most therapists would have left me after they got married, after they decided to consolidate their practice, have a baby, and move out of the city. Nope not this bozo. She has had me move with her. I have been with her almost her entire professional career. She has seen my moods on a good day, bad day, grumpy day, and sad day.

I keep asking her why she stays with me, her automatic response is always “you”. And now that she heard Sugarland’s “stuck like glue” she uses that against me. I just hope she never sees the video because I don’t want her to get ideas.

I was watching baseball today and my mother asked if I cleaned my room. I have a huge bucket outside my room that I thought would fit in my room but it is too big. So I have it outside so I can store my things as my room just can’t fit it. She says that if I clean my room I can place it there. Probably but I don’t know where. I am not the best organizer on the planet. I am when it comes to other things, like my journals and books, but not to my clothes and stuff. Plus I have no place to really put the my clothes as I only have one bureau and a half closet. I don’t tend to buy clothes regularly. I tend to wear what I have until they no longer fit or are worn too thin. Seeing as I have gained weight, most of my clothes no longer fit so I needed more clothes, mostly jeans as that is all I wear.

I have a wedding coming up so I guess I will have to buy some khaki pants and a dress shirt as the ones that I have no longer fit me. I did wear a new suit pants last August and they probably would fit but I didn’t like the way they felt on me.

I know I have plenty of time to clean my room but all I can do is make another pile of the stuff that I have. And it’s not like I can ask my sisters for help. They either are too busy or want to be PAID to help me. I kid you not. Ever since the one time I had hire someone to clean the bathroom for me and pick up stuff around the TV area at the old house, I am expected to pay someone to help me move my stuff or clean my stuff. Maybe I should hire someone to help but I don’t necessarily have the funds to do it right now. And I wouldn’t know who to hire. The person I hired before didn’t do such a great job so it’s not like I am going to go back to the same company, what ever that was. I am not lazy. I just am too overwhelmed by the mess to actually do something about it. It sucks the energy right out of me. Most I can do is put some of the stuff in my drawers that are overflowing. Or maybe get rid of the clothes in the drawers that I haven’t worn or forgot about but then I realize I like them and don’t want to get rid of them. I have a clutter problem and always have. I am NOT a hoarder. I tend to throw my trash and recycles out rather than save them for sentimental value. I do have some standards. But my family doesn’t see my things as I do. They just see them as junk to throw away. Sorry but I don’t think of my medical records or my MRIs as junk. Those are important documents that must be saved. Yes they are part of the “clutter” but that doesn’t mean they belong in the trash either.

One thought on “clutter

  1. I have the EXACT same argument with my mom ALL THE TIME. I am so unorganized. It gets out of control frequently. I just can’t figure out where to start. It was so bad that I had a fit the night before I left for vacation because I felt out of control, didn’t know what I was doing, and couldn’t find my bathing suit (very much needed on a cruise to the caribbean!) My mom bitches that I have paperwork from college in my drawers (Promissory notes on loans I’m unfortunately still paying). She thinks I should chuck them. I plan on having a bonfire someday when they’re paid off.

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