Hypo again

Hypo again

I don’t like this one day up the next day normal bullshit. It seriously only means that I will be headed for a serious breakdown sometime in the next few weeks. Or by the end of this week. I don’t really know what is causing this up one day and down the next. Maybe I am cycling. It is better than being in a mixed state.

I have been really irritable lately. The slightest things seem to piss me off. Yesterday, while having coffee, my mother wanted to talk to me. No matter how much I tried to muster the “don’t talk to me while having coffee” look, it just came across as me being in a bad mood or depressed. I fucking hate that. She just doesn’t get it because coffee doesn’t affect her. She drinks instant bullshit so what does she know of good coffee anyways! I doubt the instant shit has any real caffeine in it anyway. Pisses me off. And the more I tell her not to fucking talk to me, the more talkative she gets, WTF. I drank enough of my coffee so I wouldn’t spill it while walking and then headed up to my room for peace and quiet. My room is my only solace these days. I can’t be in the house or even in my office because the TV is on full blast or she is pressing every single button on the Tivo remote making fucking noise that is so damn loud. I don’t know when I became intolerable to noises. I used to work in a busy lab where noise was the only way to work. You had the tube machine going, the MPA which loves to ding for no good reason, then of course you have people talking either to each other or on the phone. Thank god we did away with music in the lab, though people will play Pandora on their workstations, but at low levels. It was a mad house and I enjoyed every minute of it. But now that I am in the confines of my room, I can’t tolerate any fucking beeping noise or even the tea kettle going off. It just makes me VERY annoyed.

I had therapy today. I told her about my friend that is having troubles. I wish I could do more for my friend but she lives very far away from me, over 3000 miles. I am doing what I can before she gets “real” help, as right now I am the only help to her that she is getting. We didn’t get into my troubles too much. She read the blog I wrote her the other day and she said there was one part that sounded “hyde”ish. I have no idea what she is talking about. I wrote the letter, and typed it up. I don’t think there is an element of Hyde anywhere in the letter. But then, she is always analyzing my writing. I told her about the mishap with my cell phone. And then toward the end of session, I became hypo, just like that. It was like a switch went off. I feel really good, even though I saw my father at the bus stop. We had to walk to my home so he could use the bathroom. So I walked an extra block today. I wish I could say it was good seeing him but I can’t stand him so there goes that idea.

My therapist also talked about how difficult it was to read the packet I gave her last week. She is having anxiety about reading it. I knew I should have waited a little bit before giving it to her. It is my fault she feels that way. But I know once she reads it, she will have questions. I also gave her my psychosis story. Maybe I will suggest reading that rather than the letter. I think the story is pretty good, not one of my best, but good enough.

I need to get new glasses next month, or at least try to get them. I’m going to try one of our bulk stores called BJ’s. I have had glasses from them before. I am going to get the single vision first and then I will get the bifocals, depending on the price. My eyes keep doing funky things and refuse to focus at times. It is worse when I am tired. Then I have to take the glasses off for a bit so my eyes get a some rest so to speak.

My last few texts to my therapist last night was about LGBT rights. It is pissing me off that more and more states are discriminating against people like me. Now I hear that Kentucky and Virginia are proposing laws. For Fuck’s Sake. I like Virginia and was considering going to school there at VCU, Virginia Commonwealth University. But now that is not going to happen because I will be discriminated against. Even in Indiana, they now have posted signs saying “we serve everyone”. They shouldn’t have to and if a bill they passed needs to be clarified, it shouldn’t have been passed in the first place!! It just makes me so very angry. And it also makes me thinking of killing myself all the more. Because if I can’t be accepted by the society I live in or even my family for that matter, what is the point of living anyways??

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