maybe I won’t feel so bad

Maybe I won’t feel so bad

I took my pain pills. Then I made something to eat that woke me up. Now I had some gin. Just two shots of Beefeater. Believe me when I say I wanted to finish the bottle but the shit is tearing up my guts big time. You don’t realize the restraint. But after the day I had, I deserve a drink or two.

Foot is acting up big time. I had to put on thermal socks because my feet got cold. They are warm but not toasty yet. Soon as they do, I will take them off. I hate sleeping with socks on. I think the alcohol has been absorbed through my stomach lining. I feel great. I really want to finish the bottle. But that is playing with fire.

I have never mixed alcohol with opioids before. But I needed a drink and the gin was handy. Much closer than my honey whiskey. I did that on purpose. I was tired of staring at it on my desk so I moved it closer to the bedside. It has been there for months judging by the level of dust on the bottle. I am not a drinker, per se. But I do binge drink when I am in the mood. I am not in the mood tonight. I might have one or two more shots of gin before bed. I hope it will make me sleep. Least it will do is make me toss and turn. I keep thinking of the song by Eric Church, “Mixed drinks about feelings”. Cause “my figured out has never been more confused”. I can tell by the heavy in my heart that I’m going down soon.

The lyrics are so damn powerful. I had four shots of gin. That is all I am going to have tonight. HAHA I just realized I also had benzos with my alcohol. Man, I wonder if I will wake up tomorrow. This wasn’t planned. And I don’t think I will tell my therapist about this information. She will freak the fuck out. I also won’t tell my psych. She will freak out. Might even section me. Or force me to get blood work. I had a bad outing with my father. It’s his fault. Bastard doesn’t know what he does to me.

Whiskey soothes but I toss and turn. I’ll find sleep till dreams relent, wake up tired and try again.

No use fighting the fight its not contest tonight my figured out has never been more confused

Love this song so much. I have tweeted Eric the song many times but have not got a tweet back. I keep trying through.

any thoughts?

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