Was having a good day…

Was having a good day…

The day started out okay. I got up, checked my email and stuff on my phone and wanted to get a coffee. So I went to Starbucks with my new psych book. I got the new cold brewed coffee with sweet cream. It was very good. I had two doughnuts because I was kind of hungry and today was National Doughnut Day. I read about 12 pages of the book before I couldn’t read anymore. By this time it was close to the next bus leaving for home. I decided to get something at CVS before heading to the bus stop. They had meatballs on sale so I got a bag and figured I would make sauce when I got home. I was feeling pretty good.

I got home and I don’t know what happened. My ankle crapped out on me soon after undressing and getting into my PJs. Forget about making the sauce. I wasn’t going to tax myself seeing that I was already in pain and would have to stand for at least 3 hours while the sauce cooked. I would be sitting down and getting up like every 15-20 minutes but still, it would be a lot of work for a small batch of sauce when my ankle was telling me fuck you.

So I took my pain meds and decided to back up my files on my laptop as I think I need a new cooling fan. My laptop is making a high pitched whine like an airplane taking off when it starts and stops. If I didn’t have to take everything apart to replace it, I would do it myself. But it’s too complicated for me and I rather have a professional do it. Which means, I will be out close to $300 next month to have it fixed. I need to ship it to Dell. I trust their work more than anyone else’s.

I wasn’t really hungry for lunch but felt like I should eat something as I hadn’t had a huge breakfast. So I ordered a pastrami sub and fries. Now I wish I hadn’t. I feel so damn sick because I ate too much at once. I couldn’t stop eating the fries. My stomach is doing flip flops. I just took a Zofran to keep the contents of my stomach in my stomach. I really don’t feel well. I probably should have stay out as I was fine while out and about. It was a nice day today too. Not too hot or cold. The sad part is, I think I will feel better if I do puke. But I hate puking as I am fearful my back will go out on me.

I don’t know why I feel so sick. This is the third day that I have eaten a meal and then felt bloated and nauseated. I hope the Zoloft isn’t to blame for this. Think I will skip tonight’s dose and see how I feel tomorrow.

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