Laid Back Sunday

Laid Back Sunday

I am making a sauce. Unfortunately, I used a small pan and so I wasn’t able to make it with ground beef like I was hoping. But I got some meatballs and threw them in. It still is coming out good. I saved the meat for another day. I will use a bigger pan next time.

I am feeling depressed. I found out that one of my Cauda Equina Syndrome members tried to kill herself yesterday. She is in the hospital where they are not sure if she needs surgery or not. She tried stabbing herself. She did this because she couldn’t stand the pain anymore. She is in the UK. It’s a sad situation.

I haven’t done much except to make the sauce. I tried watching the baseball game but the announcers were pissing me off. They have a three man crew and it’s just annoying. E-Rod is pitching and gave up a home run in the first inning so we are losing 1-0 right now.

I am slowly clearing off the side of my bed that is my office. I hope to get it done by tomorrow and then I can change my sheets, finally. It always takes me a week or so to change them because I accumulate so much stuff on my bed.

It’s a cool day today. It was raining earlier so my foot was acting up. I don’t know why I keep getting cramps in it. It sucks. The sauce has about another hour to cook and then I will go to Walgreens to pick up my prescription. I need to fill my pill box for the week.

I am tired. I really didn’t sleep well. I woke up at 0600 and found it difficult to go back to sleep. I really could use a nap.

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