Post 1802

Post 1802

I am wicked mad right now. I thought I had a dentist appointment to fill my cavity and they switched it on me for tomorrow. I hope that I can talk then because I have my appointment with my therapist. I showered, brushed my teeth, took the meds to calm me down for nothing! Now I am kind of sleepy and am debating on going back to sleep or making coffee so I can wake up. I am so pissed.

I mailed the letter for the hospice group to thank them and also to appreciate all their efforts in caring for my father and us. If I am up to it later today, I will mail back something so I can get a refund. I have a transponder that I no longer use because I don’t have a car. I got a letter last weekend saying that because it has been inactive for three years, they want it back and in doing so, they will refund my money on my account.

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, between 0200 and 0400. I was going to write a blog but I decided to tweet my thoughts. Here they are:

#Iamsickenedby the discrimination of the LGBTQ community. The call for blood and then they turn away gay men. Just sickens me. I thought the agency that controls blood donations was going to lift the ban so gay men could donate. But as usual, it was just all talk. now there is a real need for blood and the very men that would like to donate are being turned away. It’s just upsetting to me. The whole thing has set off my psychosis. I feel like calling the investigators to see if the gunmen had parasites in their brains. That is my delusion, that there is something controlling these extremists to make them act the way they do. Just like the Goa’Uld. The Goa’Uld want power and stuff because they infect humans with their parasite at the brain stem. They do nasty stuff to people who don’t listen to what they say or go with their creed. Sound familiar?

I got no responses at the hour I posted all this stuff. I wasn’t expecting a response. I still feel like now the extremist have invaded the US and now we are no longer safe. These parasites want power to kill people in anyway they can. I am frightened. I don’t need meds to calm me down or think differently. The parasites are aliens that have taken over these radical people. It can infect anyone. They play it cool and act “normal” so they are not detected. I should be suicidal at these men and women that have come to the US or are born here to destroy and terrorize this country. They are calling this the “largest massacre in the US”. That isn’t true. The largest massacre in the US was at Wounded Knee where around 300 Lakota men, women, and children were murdered. They were killed as a form of genocide. I need to get the book about the Wounded Knee because I think it’s important to learn American history. They weren’t killed by alien parasites. They were killed by US soldiers.

But getting back to the alien parasites that are all over the world now and doing bad things and killing a lot of people. I find it sad and disheartening that these aliens have been going on for so long now. I don’t think it’s going to end unless they are all killed dead. I will be sad to see them wiped out but it’s the only way for the people to survive.

any thoughts?

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