Psychotic Depression

Psychotic depression

My pdoc said that grief can bring on many things. I guess I am at the phase where it’s bring on psychosis because I am vulnerable to it. For the past three days I have been experiencing increase in voices and paranoia as well as delusions. It was set off by the shooting in Orlando and then when my therapist didn’t agree with me, it intensified. I stopped taking my antipsychotic meds, though today I needed my PRN trilafon to get me through the paranoia. I can handle the voices. I just cannot stand the paranoia and agitation that goes with it.

I don’t know how long this will last. Usually, it will mean a psych hospitalization to get my symptoms under control again, which will mean going back on the med that I am not taking. I am being very risky. Voices can be very hard to control once they get out of control. I know this from past experience. But I don’t care this time. I don’t trust anyone. And after the mishap in the pharmacy, I am not really trusting my psychiatrist anymore. She wants me to follow up with her. I will in three weeks when I see her again.

I feel like I am being watched all the time. Strangers are the worse because I think they are following me or trying to listen in on the conversation I am having with the voices. I see my therapist on Tuesday in person. I also see her Wednesday in person. She doesn’t know this yet. I have arranged it because I miss her and I would like to see her like old times. Trouble is that she doesn’t like it when I am psychotic. I don’t think she gets it. My psychiatrist gets it more than my therapist does. I just know I don’t want to be on the meds anymore. I will take my other meds just not the abilify.

I really needed someone to talk to tonight. My cousin was supposed to call me but never did. I can’t count on him for nothing anymore. He doesn’t want to listen to me like he used to. I am very sad at this. The one person that understands is abandoning me. But it’s typical of my family. They say they will be there for you but when that time come to be there, they have other plans. It’s so rough. I know I have blogger friends I can talk to. But it’s not the same as family.

I feel so frustrated by today’s events. It shouldn’t have happened. The pharmacist should have filled my prescription and not try to play like they were doctors that knew better. It wasn’t a big deal. I have been on this medication before and never had a problem filling it, until now. It really stressed me out, more than what I was already. I hope my psychiatrist can understand this. I just feel like everyone is against me right now. The weird part is that I am depression but I haven’t moved into the darkness part of the depression. I just am psychotic and delusional and paranoid. I haven’t been this way in quite some time. I know I am taking a chance not taking my meds anymore because when I do go back on it, it might now work as well as it did. The trilafon is helping as I feel much calmer and the voices that are bothering me are hushed, least for now.

The depression is not all it’s cracked up to be. I don’t feel sad anymore, just gloomy. It’s an awful feeling to be this down and not know how to express my feelings. It’s easier to talk about the voices because they are much more interesting.

Feeling Funny, and not the HAHA kind

Feeling Funny, and not the HAHA kind

I didn’t take the abilify for the second night in a row. The “bad” voices have come out, a little bit. They want me to do things but I am ignoring them. The other voices are just talking incessantly to me. My brain is so warped.

I went out to the liquor store hoping to find a beer that I have been wanting to try and they had it. I was very happy, even though the 6 pack was expensive. I am going to try it with dinner tonight as my mother is making burgers, using MY meat that I bought. No matter, I like using fresh meat anyway when I cook. I think it tastes better than frozen/thawed.

I don’t know why, but I bought a Kindle Fire this morning with accessories. I know I have said I had a tablet that was good enough, but I really wanted something that I could take with me. I really want to be able to read Dostoevsky and not worry that the battery is going to run out on me. Seems the battery life of the tablet has gone down considerably. It only lasts a day or two off the charger, and that is if you are not using it. I bought a 64 GB SD card for it as the device itself is only 8 GB. It should be delivered this Saturday. I am all excited! I think after the week that I have had, I deserve to get myself something nice.

I also reserved a car for my therapy appointment for next week. I will be seeing her twice in one week. She is going to be so excited. It’s going to be like old times. I just hope it doesn’t rain on Tuesday. I hate driving in the rain. I need to go to Walmart and get new PJs. The ones that I have been wearing look more like Swiss cheese. They are so worn they have a lot of holes in them. I have had them for at least 10 years so I think it’s time to replace it. They were my favorite ones, too.

Last night I was feeling lowly. I wrote on Facebook and Twitter that I wasn’t sure if I could change my name because of the attacks in Orlando. I am afraid of being out of the closet and with good reason. I have never been bullied or called names before and I don’t want that to be the case moving forward. There has only been one time in my life that I have been called a “dyke” and that was scary to me. So next week, I am moving on, and going to get the first step in changing my name. I need to get my birth certificate. Once I have that, I will go to court and get my name legally changed. I hope I don’t need a court appointment to do so. Otherwise, it might be awhile before my name is officially changed.

Once this happens, I will start the process in changing my name on all the bills and hospitals that I go to. I still am sort of on the fence of whether to be called G or GC. I tried changing my Facebook name to G last night and it wouldn’t let me. It has to be more than one letter. Jerks. But I have my heart set on being called G as nearly everyone calls me that anyways.

I have been sleeping most of the day. I woke up at 0300 because I had to pee. Then I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was feeling kind of sick as my bowels were haywire. I don’t know why I have the runs but I do. All I really had today to eat was two boiled eggs, toast, and apple juice. For lunch I had some asparagus and eggs and salad. I hope that me not taking the abilify isn’t affecting my bowels. I just paged my doc so I will ask her. Or not. I am supposed to be tapering the dose but I am too lazy. Besides, the voices don’t want me taking it at all so I am not cutting the pill to take it. I just got to remember not to take the senna tonight or I might have loose stool again tomorrow. That wouldn’t be good because I need to go out. I have an appointment with my doc and the NP for my pain management. It’s back to back appointments. Should be fun!

The voices are listening to what I am typing. The reading voice is back so they can hear what I am reading/saying. It’s so weird. I feel like I am being watched all the time now by these voices. I don’t have a big appetite today. I bought some Andy Capp fries. They are my favorite. I had to hide them because my littlest niece loves them, too. I was in the mood for hot fries and I am glad the liquor store carries them. It’s the only place around that has Andy Capp products. I miss the comic strip that used to be on the bag. They don’t have it anymore. Andy Capp was one of my favorite comics growing up. I hope the beer is good. I never had a grapefruit beer before. I am not usually a beer drinker. But I will have one during the summer. I like the lemon beers they come out with.

The reason I bought this particular beer is because Wil Wheaton’s wife posted it on Twitter more than a year ago. It’s an Indian IPA, which I don’t know what that is. I figure I like grapefruit and she liked it so it couldn’t be that bad. She is a bigger beer drinker than I am though. We’ll see. Maybe I will post a blog about it later this evening about it.

Therapy after the fallout

Therapy after the fallout

My therapist read my blog. She apologized for being a doofus. I told her she needs to watch her mouth or think before she speaks. She definitely doesn’t have that “therapist filter” most therapists have. I told her I am still listening to the voices and I still don’t completely trust her. I am not taking my meds. I have to call my psych tonight to fill her in. There will be no point in her calling in the refill for trilafon. I won’t take it. The voices are strong and only want me to take what they want me to take. I still have free will though. There are more voices today then there were yesterday. They are annoying me because they keep coming and going.

I had an okay morning. I didn’t appreciate my bowels going haywire. But after the third movement, things seemed to settle down. I feel kind of hyper. I don’t know if it’s the coffee that is still making me fidgety or if I am getting a little hypo. I bought a 128GB flash drive. I have a 64GB drive that is close to being full so needed a bigger one. It was close to being out of stock so I grabbed it before it went out, again. I tried purchasing this particular one before and it went out before I could have the funds to buy it. I wasn’t going to lose it once more. I signed up for Amazon Prime so it will be here in a few days.

My psych got back to me and she is concerned. Voices are having a field day because she wants me to cut back on the dose rather than stop abruptly. Screw that. I have to check in with her tomorrow. So stupid. I am meeting with her Friday. I just hope she doesn’t pull anything stupid like a section. The voices are okay right now and agree with what I am saying. Like Bon Jovi says, she don’t know me. She wanted to know what my therapist said that set me off and I can’t really remember what she said exactly that pissed me off. I just am done with taking meds to stop my companions. Right now there is a circus of them. Missing one dose really set them off. I don’t believe how quickly they came out. But then I have been under a lot of stress trying to keep things together.

I got wicked aggravated a little while ago. I bought a song on my phone and it would transfer to my music library. It just stayed in the Amazon Cloud. I had to manually download it to my computer and then transfer it to my phone. It sucked! I think the Amazon Prime is a rip off for music. I hope it doesn’t do the same with Kindle books. I will be so pissed.

I forgot to tell my psych I am kind of in a mixed state. I am feeling really hypo and then depressed. I don’t get it. The abilify wouldn’t mess with my mood stability. Though it kind of might. I don’t know. My psych is already worried about the voices so I won’t tell her about the mixed state until Friday when I see her. I did tell my psych that my therapist talked me into talking with her next week. I really didn’t want to talk to her. I still am kind of mad at her. I did get validation from my psych. I knew I would. I wish she wouldn’t be worried about me though. The voices won’t hurt me, least not the ones that are around right now. It’s really the “outsiders” I got to worry about. They can spring up at anytime.

A Terribly Upsetting Therapy Session

A Terribly Upsetting Therapy Session

I spoke my ideas about the Orlando shooting today and my therapist did something she never did before. She didn’t believe me. I got very upset, started crying I was so upset. It’s one thing to not believe things. I get that she doesn’t have to believe in aliens like I do, but to not believe what I was saying just killed me. I wrote to my psychiatrist about it. I told her she was a Bozo and a half. I was very upset, I didn’t know what I was saying in the email.

We still had time during session to talk, which I refused to. I just cried as silently as I could. The one person I thought I could talk to about anything just shut me down and I don’t want to talk to her anymore. We have a session tomorrow that is too late to cancel. I won’t talk during that one either. Fuck her. I don’t think she understands psychosis or delusional thinking. I am not taking my meds tonight. Screw the abilify. I am out of trilafon so it doesn’t matter. I’m doing what the voices want to do. I should have trusted them more than ‘real’ people.

The dentist appointment went okay. I was still numb while trying to talk to Bozo the therapist. My jaw is still hurting from being open so long. I have been eating soft foods because I don’t want to try the hard ones. My neck is killing me. It was a big cavity. I tried to get some sleep after therapy but it was impossible. I was too upset. When I finally did settle down, my mother called me to help fix dinner. There went the nap. Then my mother had a laugh when she turned the TV on and it scared the crap out of me. I must have jumped three feet. Just what my PTSD needed.

HA, A psychologist just posted an article about how you are using too much toothpaste. I don’t use that much, just a dab because any more than that and I will gag. I have been doing this for years.

I don’t feel so good, physically or mentally. I am just so tired because I didn’t get much sleep last night. I was so worried I was going to oversleep. Then my ankle started bothering me so I took some pain meds for it after session. I wanted to go out but my mouth was still numb and I didn’t want to drool. The numbness didn’t wear off till around 1530 or so. I will go out tomorrow. I have a thing to mail. I am going to cancel sessions for next week. No point in talking to someone who doesn’t understand. I am going to page my psych tomorrow. Maybe she will understand. If she doesn’t, I am screwed. I just don’t understand why they can’t understand that there are alien parasites in the brains of these radical extremists that are making them do the things that they are doing. The voices agree with me. They warned me no one would understand. I took a chance and it backfired terribly. Now I have no one to talk to. Voices have been telling me for years that the meds are poison. Now I believe them so I am not going to take them anymore. I don’t know why I have been so stupid.