Last night before bed, I found out there was a shooting at an Orlando night club. At that time, there were 20 dead. Now I hear that the number has risen to 50, with 50 more injured. The news is calling it a Radical Islamic attack. Just what I need for my psychosis to get worse. I feel sad and sickened at the same time. People are calling for more gun control while the NRA does nothing. I don’t know when a group of idiots can’t see the bigger picture. Using an assault rifle for killing people other than what it was intended for (hunting and protecting the home, is what I heard). In my opinion, people do not need an assault rifle to protect themselves. They shouldn’t need one in the home when a handgun can do the same damage. I am not for or against guns. Yes, people have the right to bear arms and I understand that. It is written in the constitution. But what did all those people in the night club do to deserve their deaths? In truth they were the hunted because of hate. My thoughts go out to the families of the victims and the first responders. That is all I am going to say on the matter.

I have been sleeping since I finished breakfast this morning. I didn’t have anything to do today so I decided to sleep. I wish I was still sleeping because then maybe I wouldn’t wake up to the awful news.

I am being sieged by voices again. The delusions have crept up too. I think I am going to take an extra abilify tonight to gain some control. I need something as the trilafon is not doing anything.

I went to BPD chat. It helped being around others that were struggling with stuff just like me, well not the psychosis part but the depression part. Tonight’s topic was strengths and I had a hard time trying to find what mine were. I would say writing but I always say that. It seem like I have nothing else. I think I am going to bring this up with my therapist on Tuesday. Maybe she can bring some light on the situation.

I still haven’t made any attempt to contact the grief counselor. I think I am going to try emailing her and seeing if that will work. It’s just that this has become so complicated because of the psychosis, I think she might just say stick it out with my therapist and psychiatrist. I know that this is my fears talking. I really didn’t think I would need to speak to a grief counselor as I have a therapist but things are not getting better in therapy and I am so tired of talking about my father with her. I feel like it’s been going on for months and months. I want to stop talking about it yet everything in my life was centered around him as well. We were at his beck and call. It was always how high to jump. It was always about him. I am tired of talking about him.

Moving on…The Red Sox lost, again. They were tied for first but I don’t know what the score of the O’s game is to see if they are still tied. My Jays Twitter fan hasn’t posted things today. My timeline has been filled with stuff from the Orlando shooting so he might have posted and I just missed it because it was buried. I will check the scores later. I am not in the mood to find out right this second.

I filled my pill box and in doing so, I took an Abilify to quiet the noise in my head. My psych would flip if she knew so she is not getting this blog. I usually share one or two blogs with her per week. Last week I sent a lot of blogs/emails to her as I was having a hard time and things were going on. I need to shower today. I helped my mother put away the groceries today as she wasn’t feeling well. She bought a lot of stuff and I got sweaty as the temp and humidity went up. It’s a little cooler now that the wind has picked up. I really just need to change to men’s underwear as my menses have stopped, finally. I noted when I stopped the pill this time so I would know how long in between packs I will get my menses. I hope I am good for at least the next four months.

12 thoughts on “Despicable

  1. The Orlando thing set off my voices too. I took some extra Latuda. Feel okay now. Sucky thing is cm is going on vacation for 3 or 4 weeks starting Friday. Oh the timing. But mass shootings are a trigger for my voices.

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