Lazy Friday

Lazy Friday

I woke up before noon and made coffee. Then I made breakfast/lunch of a bacon and cheese sandwich. By the time I finished that, I was exhausted. I needed a nap and seeing as I wasn’t going out today, I napped. My mother called me around 1600 to let me know dinner was ready. I must have slept for at least 2.5 hours. I was having weird dreams so I am glad I woke up.

I didn’t do anything today. I went to bed really late last night as I just couldn’t sleep. I was reading well into the wee hours of the morning, which is why I was so tired today. I think I will read some Adler when I go retrieve the binder when I empty my recycling bin. I haven’t been outside all day. Mostly just been in my room.

The Sox game is on late tonight and probably will be all weekend. They are on the west coast and I hate the games because they are on so late, which means I am up late watching or hearing them play. Last night’s game went to extra innings so didn’t get over till after 0100. I was wired by then, whether the espresso I had earlier in the day had something to do with it, who knows. I tell myself I am not going to watch it then I do then I regret it as I am up all night.

I was reading three books last night. I started with Dostoevsky. Then I decided to read some Lawrence Block. In the wee hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to read a book about fieldstones in writing. It was annoying me so I had to put it down and then I finally fell asleep. It was a good book to let your mind wander about things as you are trying to sleep. I have a friend that uses this “stone method” in her writing. It works for her. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found my niche for writing. I just go on the fly. Whatever comes, comes and if it doesn’t, I really don’t give a shit.

While I was in the kitchen this morning, there were several flies on the screens. I thought they were outside but they were actually in the house. I played fly swatterer for a while before I cooked my breakfast. It was kind of a fun game. I still have no idea how they got in the house. They are gone now though.

any thoughts?

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