The Search For Pumpkin

The search for pumpkin

Today was supposed to be an easy day. I slept until 1430 and I thought I would sleep all day but I got up. My mother was cooking escarole soup and making meatloaf. I am not a huge escarole soup person but I will eat it. It wasn’t ready at dinner time so I had the meatloaf.

Before dinner, I decided to go to Stop and Shop to get my ingredients for my baking this weekend. Of I went and when I got to the store, most of the items I needed were on sale, including the pumpkin. However, there was no more 15 oz. pumpkin puree left on the shelf. It was all out. I couldn’t believe it. The only kind they had was a 29 oz. container so I took that thinking I could make two desserts out of it. I couldn’t picture making two desserts in one day but I didn’t worry about that then.

After dinner, I really wanted the 15 oz. pumpkin. There was another Stop and Shop at the end of Broadway, 2 miles away from my house. I decided to go there. If they had it, I would reward myself by going to Starbucks. I took the bus and hoped for the best. On the bus there were kids fighting over a cell phone and a toddler in a stroller that was crying to get out. So much for a peaceful ride to my stop. And of course, they had to get off at my stop. I got to the store and the baking isle was the first isle in this store. I was thankful so I didn’t have to walk all over the place looking for it. I hesitantly looked at the shelves for the pumpkin and they had it! I was overjoyed. I bought four cans.

I didn’t have a long wait for the bus to the Square to get to Starbucks. It had started to drizzle and it was humid out. I was wearing my PJs which could pass as sweatpants so I was really warm. I got to Starbucks and really wanted espresso but when all was said and done, it was after 1800, much too late for this lovely drink. I had a java chip frappucino instead. I walked to the bus stop to catch the bus home and it came fairly quickly. I was glad I didn’t have to wait long.

I came home and my mother didn’t realize I had gone out again. She is really deaf. Then I had to “yell” where I was and she couldn’t understand what I was saying. I was saved from having to tell it multiple times when the phone rang. Thank you whomever was calling.

I really hope pain is not going to keep me up tonight for going to two stores today. I didn’t do a lot of walking and my ankle feels okay right now but that can change. It won’t do any good to take my meds before the pain starts because it just doesn’t work for me. It used to, but the pain has evolved. I have been taking Neurontin the past few night to help ease my pain. I can’t tell if it is working or not. I don’t have that much nerve pain. I have been taking it to help me sleep but it hasn’t really worked real well for that either.

any thoughts?

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