Nemo, The Blizzard of 2013, New England

Nemo, The Blizzard of 2013, New England

I have lived in Boston most of my life and the craziness every time the word “snow” is mentioned is wicked funny. People go crazy in the stores thinking the world is going to end. They buy ridiculous amounts of milk, eggs, bread and other items that will probably go bad if the power goes out during the supposed storm. I have been taking pictures since noon time to compare the accumulation for my friends in the UK and elsewhere. It is kind of fun doing so.

Right now I am installing software on my old laptop because the software is not compatible on my new laptop. I have to get a newer version for it but I am not going to pay another $80 USD for this software when my old laptop can still run it. Even if I did it would take me years to figure it out like when I first bought this software. I just wanted to burn CD’s. And it was complicated. I needed the 200 page manual to figure it out. I am not a software geek that is for sure.

On a personal note, I am a man again! My 7 and a half week siege of the menses has ceased. I can now go back to my manly clothing. I am so happy I think it knocked out the cutting urges finally. I still feel depressed but it’s just my normal level of depression. Though the psychache is still there. That has not lifted at all. I don’t think that ever will. It’s always there like a monkey on my back. I am going to try and work in a shower today. I really need it and then I can slip into my boxers again. I am so relieved that stopping the OCP’s worked. I was really getting worried that something was wrong.

any thoughts?

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