Another Cold, Rainy, Crappy Day

Another Cold, Rainy, Crappy Day

When I left my house, it wasn’t raining, but it was still cold and crappy out. I got to my father’s and quickly did his meds because I wanted to go home before the rain started. The weatherman said it would start in the afternoon and it was quickly approaching that time. I left after some discussion with my father about why his T-Pass wasn’t working. Turns out, he never bought the monthly pass and he didn’t have enough money on his card. That was why his card didn’t work when he tried to go on the train. During this run around, it started raining and I was cursing my father for keeping me in his presence. Before this, he called me back to his apartment because his TV wouldn’t shut off. HOLY FUCK, are you kidding me? Turned out the batteries in his remote needed to be changed. UGH. I just wanted to go home, be under the covers and write.

I had my Brazil Sertraozinho coffee today. I was going to have Pike’s but the Brazil coffee was first and it was a long time since I had it. It came out perfect. If my back wasn’t hurting, I probably would have done a happy dance. I knew it was going to rain today by the way I was hurting. After having my coffee, but before I left for my father’s, I worked on my story. I changed the font to Comic Sans because I wanted that font for my book this time. I wrote and it brought the word count to almost 1200 and the page count to 3. I was happy. I could tell I haven’t looked at it since I wrote it because there were some grammatical errors and some words didn’t fit. Like I had along instead of alone. Don’t know how that happened, but I changed it none the less. Once I get up to at least 5 pages, I will print it out to edit it. I have decided that I am going to edit each story as it comes out so that when it’s all together, I am not overwhelmed with it like I was with my book. I am hoping I don’t need an editor this time around. I just can’t afford it. I have to find a new one too because my editor quit the business for whatever reason. There is a chance I might be able to get one through the writing class place I have been going to. They help writers so I am hoping they can help me when the time comes. I just need to have someone look over the piece when I am done with the collection to really make sure I am not obscure. I am hoping to get these pieces of work up to 200 pages. That is my goal. If it’s close to it, like 175 or so, I will be happy with that, too. I used my first semi-colon today because I had to. I never thought I would use it but it fit where I was writing. I know I am geeking right now, but I am just excited to finally get back to writing something. This book that I am working on will be a collection of short stories relating to mental illness.

I wanted to write last night but I was too tired and knew that if I did, I would be up till god knows when. As it is, I had crappy sleep, waking up every 2-3 hours. It was terrible and I took benedryl too. So much for that helping me sleep. I really wanted to take some Gabapentin but I will tonight. My pain was off the charts last night, which is why it took forever to settle down. I was also hungry, which didn’t help matters. I finally caved in and had some bread with sauce. It’s an Italian thing. I didn’t feel like making something because that would mean having to wash dishes and I am anti-dishwashing. I only do it if I absolutely have to or feel up to it.

I sold a book today in Europe. It’s my first European sale. I hope I get the royalties next month. Lately, if it isn’t in USD, I don’t get the money because my bank only accepts USD. It is a problem that I have with Amazon. I don’t know why they can’t exchange it when they deposit it in my account like they do for Kindle. Just doesn’t make any sense. I have called other banks to see if they would accept deposits other than USD and they don’t so I am stuck having my money sit in Amazon.

My mother went shopping today and my cousin just called me to tell me they are on their way home. I didn’t pick up because I am hurting too much to go up and down the stairs. He is healthy so let him do the stair climbing. There is no reason why he can’t, other than being a lazy fuck, which he is. I have already done too much today as I was walking around and standing waiting for the bus. I can’t do anymore today because I am already in pain. I am the one that is disabled, not him. If I wasn’t disabled, I would be working. They just don’t get how much the stairs kill my ankle. If I felt better, I would help bring the groceries in but I just can’t. Tomorrow I have to go out to my sister’s party. If I exceed my limit today, I won’t be able to go tomorrow. That’s not fair to her. I’ll just stay in my room until they leave. It’s my pain levels I have to worry about, not some groceries.

any thoughts?

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