Saturday Blog 38

Saturday Blog 38

I got babysitting duties today. It will be this evening so I am trying to write earlier than I usually write. I am in pain. I somehow fell asleep while lying on my back and that is never a good thing. I can only sleep on back if I have my legs on the trapezoid foam leg rest that helps relieve the pressure on my lower back. So I made my back pain worse.

I woke up early so after breakfast, I read some more of my Lincoln book. I finished the chapter and tonight I will read some more. There will be nothing else that I do while babysitting. My niece usually does her thing and I do mine. She usually watches some YouTube shows.

I set up a lunch date with my sisters for us to go out to eat for my birthday. It will be the weekend before as I know during the week it will be impossible. My sister wanted to do it on my birthday but she doesn’t get home till around 6 so by the time we get there will be at least 7 and I really don’t want to be eating that late. Plus my mother would have a fit as she likes to have the cake on the birthday rather than on another day.

My hair is growing out and I will need another cut. I plan on getting it after Christmas. Just hope my barbers are working. They do a good job. I was going to go out today but I made my coffee so I am in the house most of the weekend. I am not planning on going out tomorrow as the buses don’t run to the Square and it’s a pain to get there with other routes. I will be going out Tuesday as I need to take my father to the doctors. That is going to be fun because his anxiety always gets me going and the more ornery he gets, the more annoyed I get. I then have therapy after his appointment so I plan on just staying at the hospital to talk to her. It’s going to be a long morning/afternoon.

I feel like having cherry Garcia ice cream so I may go to Walgreens and spend a fortune for a pint. I know I shouldn’t have ice cream as I am trying to watch my weight but the damn Neurontin has my appetite crazy today. All I want to do is eat. If I gain a few pounds this week, I really don’t care. I am technically doing what the doctor told me to do, take the medication as prescribed. I take it at night because there is no way I am going to sleep all day if I take it in the morning. Why bother waking up if I take a sleeping pill to go back to sleep. Stupid. These doctors don’t really think of these things when they prescribe medicine.

I am trying to get out of my Eric Church addiction. I added Luke Bryan’s Kill the Lights album to his playlist. I still have to add playlists that I had on my phone before I wiped the MP3 player. It still is acting the same so resetting it didn’t help. I made a few playlists that I wrote down before wiping it but one playlist was like 300 songs so I didn’t write down that. That would have taken me a long time to do. But my just Taylor and MCC (Mary Chapin Carpenter) lists have been made. Those were the easy ones to make because I just added the albums to the playlists and I was done.

any thoughts?

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