Fridge Fiasco 2

Fridge Fiasco 2

Today was the day we were supposed to get the non-damaged new fridge. Except we didn’t. The new fridge was slightly larger height wise so wouldn’t fit in our space. Great. All the work that we did emptying out the fridge, again, was wasted. Because it is still freezing out, we have the freezer stuff on the back porch still. My mother nor I, didn’t want to bring them in the house just yet. My mother didn’t measure the fridge before she bought it. She thought all fridges came the same size. Now because we don’t have a fridge, I am going to have to wait to place my grocery order. I had bought freezer stuff so it will have to wait. UGH.

Finally my SSD came through. I am determined to be disabled. My sister thinks I will be on a 3 year review schedule. It’s weird that they declared me disabled when they didn’t get any information from my psych team. I guess I was declared on my physical stuff rather than mental. I am just glad I don’t have to see their doctors. I was really nervous about that. Now that I have this information I can hopefully relax and the voices can pipe down.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up around 0400 in severe pain. It was the first time in a long time that this has happened. Since this morning when I woke up, the pain levels have been minimum, which I find odd because I have been moving stuff back and forth throughout the house and going up and down stairs. I want to take a shower, which I will do once the frozen stuff is in the freezer. I even made pancakes without too much pain. I’m still waiting for my ankle or foot to explode. It’s at a 4 right now, which is my baseline. I promised myself that if the pain got severe again, I would take the stronger pain meds today. I need a fricken break. Four days straight this pain has been going on. I can’t take much more.

The manic stuff I was experiencing yesterday went away. I wish I could have it back. I only want it back because I am exhausted from this afternoon’s activities. It’s supposed to snow today but they still haven’t pinpointed a time. The hardest hit will be the Cape. I think when it starts snowing, I will bring in the freezer stuff on the porch. They don’t need to be buried in the snow.

any thoughts?

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