So Tired I Can’t Sleep

So Tired I can’t Sleep

I have been taking pain meds for most of the day because my ankle is killing me. I was hoping for a nap but I never got one. Even now I feel like I could lie down but sleep will elude me. I think I need to take an Ativan. I just feel sort of restless. I am nervous that my pain will keep me from going out tomorrow night. I haven’t seen my friends in at least two months. We were supposed to go out last month but my friend got sick and we had to postpone. I will be upset with myself if I cancel the last minute. I want to go out but that is going to be hard for me to walk. I will take my cane, anyways, just in case the pain becomes bad again.

I can’t wait to talk to my therapist. We have a lot to discuss. I really want to talk to her about the last chapter I read in the Suicidology book. It was interesting to me because it stated that by law, mental health professionals are under no obligation to provide decent care. Yet for suicidal care, the standards are lower. I find this interesting and infuriating. The author redeemed himself by stating that “no Harm” contracts are rubbish toward the end of the chapter and may be more harmful than anything. I find it interesting that the author didn’t cite a psychologist that wrote an article about “no harm” contracts. I am starting to think this book is biased toward psychiatry than the mental health profession as a whole.

I am finding it difficult to write still. I haven’t worked on my book in so long. I should organize some of the documents that I want in the book in a folder so I know which ones I am thinking of publishing. I have it in my mind but I can’t trust it lately. I forget after a while and if I don’t do this, I am screwed when it comes time to put things together. I am still working on my root story. Maybe tomorrow morning I will have a look at it and see if I can write some more. The owl stuff that I was thinking about never materialized. Though, I could put it in the root story somehow. I am percolating a story about narcissism. I just need to do a little more research before I can write it. I’m trying to justify buying a $90 messenger bag with a Pearl Jam logo on it. I think if I can do some writing for the month of February, it can be my writing reward.

I had a cup of tea to settle the queasy feeling in my stomach. I haven’t had anything to eat since this morning. When I got up from not being able to nap, I had some pop tarts. That is all that I ate today. An egg burrito and a couple of pop tarts. I just have no appetite today. I hope it returns tomorrow because I will be going out to eat with my friends. It drives me crazy that I am either really hungry or not at all some days. Either way, it is not a good habit for trying to losing weight.

I was writing in my journal tonight. I started at 0125 this morning so I have had a very bad day trying to sleep. I hope I am not becoming manic again. I don’t see how as I have been taking my meds. I haven’t been taking my blood pressure pills but that is because I am out of them and my doctor’s office hasn’t called it in yet. If I don’t get them tomorrow, I will call the office and see what the hold up is. I should have gotten them last week when I saw the NP but she was running late and I had things on my mind that weren’t medication related so I forgot. I should have written it down or at least put it in my phone to remind myself. I always forget the phone has a memo thing on it. I guess you can say I am old school and haven’t caught up to technology yet.

I feel like watching a movie. Lincoln is a good movie to watch when you are tired. I know the movie by heart so I know when to snooze but I don’t remember where I put the DVD. I know it’s in the Gone with the Wind DVD but I don’t know where that is right now. I would have to get up and look for it but that risks aggravating my ankle. Not going to happen. I will look for it tomorrow.

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