Sunday Blog 9

Sunday Blog 9

It’s Valentine’s day. It is also my sister’s wedding anniversary. I am babysitting while they go out to eat. My niece will do her thing and I will do mine. I usually end up making her something to eat. She is pre-teen so is growing like a weed. I swear she is inches taller than the last time I see her, and I see her at least every other day.

I am in a do nothing mood. Ankle is still bothering me, of course. I think it’s because of the minus 0 degree temps we are having. I don’t recall my ankle being this sore when I stand or go down stairs before during the winter. The temps are supposed to stay like this for a while. I am glad I don’t have to go out until Wednesday. I might go out Tuesday, if my ankle is feeling better. I really want to start my research for the book that I am writing. I just hope the book that I am using for it has what I need.

I hope I don’t get sleepy. My babysitting wasn’t planned and I took some pain meds before I came down to my sister’s. I had intended to just play on my laptop or read until I felt the need to nap. Now I need to be some what awake. I am still on a coffee buzz so maybe I won’t feel drowsy.

I am glad the cold temps are happening on the weekend and not during the work week. There have been major disruptions on all lines of the public transportation system. What pisses me off is that they had done major “winterization” of the track work and today that line broke. Now they want to hike the fares. I really want to know where my fare money is going into. I don’t think I will ever know but I do know that $10 million dollars of the budget got cut when the new governor got elected. Figures the budget gets cut and then they hike fares. It’s not fair to commuters like me when we see improvements, like new buses and computerized boards that announce when trains and buses will arrive/depart. Where did they get this money to implement these things if there was no money in the budget? I know there is mismanagement. It just isn’t publicized because there would be major outrage. I also know that operation wise, the money is not there where it should be.

I read three chapters today of the new book that I got for free. I thought it was a Scudder series book but it’s not. It’s about this alcoholic who murders prostitutes while in a black out. The writing is very good. I can see where Block (author) used the tools that I read about in the writing book.

When I got up this morning, I had a message from “Facebook” saying that I needed to verify who I was by clicking on the website they provided or my account would be deactivated. I had heard of these scams so I just deleted the message. If FB really intended to check my information, I doubt they would send me a message via messenger. I think they would just lock me out of my account.

any thoughts?

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