I am Dumb

My ex got in touch with me tonight. She still hasn’t told me what she wants. She just keeps asking how I am. I refuse to answer. She has lost the right to know how I feel. She changed her Facebook profile. I don’t know if she has done this to get in touch with me or if there is another reason. Frankly, I could care less.

As much as I didn’t want to do it, I did some research on the subject I am looking for on Google. I got some interesting results. And it makes me sick and more depressed. I have been trying to write a story about narcissism NOT using my father as an example but that is proving to be impossible. Every example that I have read tonight points toward him and his ways. I will say that my therapist is wrong about narcissistic injury. You can only have that type of injury if you are narcissistic and I am definitely not. I did one of the online test and scored very low. The test even called me humble, something that I know my father is not. He is a cunning bastard. From what I gather from multiple sources is that there is no getting around this personality. You are best to leave the person. Oh, how I would LOVE to do that. I would do it in a heartbeat and not look back.

What I learned is that the narcissist is incapable of love. I knew this on some level but it was confirmed tonight. I am unloveable and have been for quite some time. I don’t believe anyone that says they love me because my father lies so much. He only says it now because he is a despicable person and thinks he is being truthful. That is his way of showing he “cares” but he could give two shits. He has no feeling for us, my sisters and I, in reality. It’s all in his mind and as long as you go along with it, all is hunky dory. That is why I don’t argue with him, even though it angers me so. I have learned not to show my anger, least not to him or anyone else I care about. Hell, I don’t even show it to my therapist though she provokes me sometimes.

My therapist says she cares and that she loves me. My psychiatrist I know cares but I shield it off, especially when my suicidality is at its peak. It’s too dangerous to have these people care for a moron like me. I am nothing and always will be. I am good for nothing. This has been instilled in me since I was young and continues to this day because of the cunning ways of my father. He is not a dad by any means. He is a sperm donor to me. I am never right. I am always wrong. And that is the way it living under the roof of a narcissist.

I am wasting more money on books next week. One of them is called “rethinking Narcissism” by Craig Malkin. I figure I might as well read it to further poison myself. I doubt it will change my thinking of myself. My therapist and psych have tried for years. But it’s all a sham. My father would say that I am crazy for seeking help, if he knew. Hell, he did tell me to kill myself, so I do have his permission to do so. If I wasn’t afraid of heights, the Tobin might be my way out. But I have other plans. I always have other plans. It’s what I do. I plan my death all the time. So in moments when I feel like acting, there just has to be a time and place to act on it. I haven’t been successful as I wouldn’t be writing this if I was. I am a loser at killing myself. I always seem to tell someone important to me that I am going to do it and then they thwart me from going through with it. I am dumb, just like my father says I am.

I haven’t eaten much the last few days. I wish I could say that it was on purpose but I just have no appetite. Today I ate a little better but small meals. A sandwich here, soup there. I just don’t feel like eating. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve to eat. I kind of know when a depression is coming because my appetite because scarce. But I have enough fat so I am not worrying about being underweight. I might be malnourished but that is a matter of debate. Most people think that because you are overweight, you are well-nourished. I wish that were true but it’s not. I hardly eat what I am supposed to. Sugar and fat is my diet mostly, hence my composition. But this article isn’t about weighty matters.

One thought on “I am Dumb

  1. manyofus1980

    I know you really feel like ending it. But I hope your plan wont come true. I would miss you and I would miss your blog. You do matter even if that asshole said you didnt. He is wrong. XX

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