My Turn at the Docs

My Turn at the Docs

I went back to see the NP because of the dizziness. She couldn’t find anything blatantly wrong so ordered some blood work. I am not sure if the tests are going to be loaded into the system where I can see them because they have a different medical record system now. As of this time, the labs aren’t in there but that doesn’t mean the lab hasn’t processed them. She kept on saying that it could be stress that is causing this. I told her between not sleeping and eating, I am so drained. She wants me to eat more regularly. I didn’t say anything because it’s wicked hard to eat when you don’t feel hungry. Even today while I was out, I kept on going from hungry to not hungry. It’s like my body couldn’t make up its mind. I did end up eating something and felt better afterwards, but still. If I just went home, I probably would not have eaten a thing until supper. She is checking my TSH (thyroid) for problems. I’ll be very curious to see what my sugar level was seeing as I haven’t eaten anything in the last 13 hours before my blood was drawn.

I felt okay after I had something to eat. I got a little headache but that could be because it’s bright out and I don’t do well on bright sunny days. I also have been up since 0300. I was going to listen to the first exhibition game of the season but I think I am just going to nap after I write this. I will catch the second game at 1600, hopefully.

I texted my therapist the blog I wrote about needing therapy. Hopefully we’ll discuss tomorrow. I am only seeing her once this week. I had to cancel Wednesday’s appointment because I scheduled my father’s doc appointment and not sure when I will be done with him. If we meet Thursday, that would be great, but I doubt it.

My laptop is sounding like an airplane. I think the cooling fan is going. Great. Another expense that I need to take care of. It made the sound before so I am used to it. It’s not a high pitched whine that drives me crazy. I have a friend that is good with computers so I will let him fix it this time than sending it off to Dell.

I had my first mocha of the season and wish I didn’t. It gave me the runs. It’s the first time I had dairy in two months. I had been drinking soy lattes. Thought I could trust mixing things up. Least I am home and not out and about. I will know for next time to order a soy Mocha, though I don’t think it’s going to taste the same.

My vitamin D came today. I ran out. I am deficient so need to take it every day. I find that it helps a little bit with mood, not a 100% but maybe 25%. It’s better than nothing. I should have asked to get a level while I was getting my blood drawn.

2 thoughts on “My Turn at the Docs

  1. manyofus1980

    It must be hard not to be able to have dairy. I dont think I could survive not drinking milk. Soy milk doesnt cut it. None of the other milks taste good to me. I even struggle to drink low fat milk. XX

  2. Laura P. Schulman, MD, MA

    Oh no! You’ve become lactose intolerant. I can’t have any dairy without taking lactase enzyme, otherwise….

    I haven’t had a real mocha in years and years, so I’m used to the soy ones. You’ll have to write how you like it. To me it’s a “mouth feel” thing. But I’m used to it, so fine.

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