exhaustion, food, and other things

I think the exhaustion has finally left. I slept after I wrote my blog. I did have my black bean burger on sourdough bread. I wasn’t impressed with the bread. It didn’t have a sour taste to it which was I was looking for. It actually didn’t taste like anything so it was disappointing. I barely finished the burger and it has been the only thing I ate besides the donuts I had earlier. My mother baked some cookies and I had two of them. Usually I gobble them up. My mother makes good chocolate chip cookies. She also made some apple turnovers but I will have them tomorrow. I hope she makes the pudding pie that I like. I usually have that for breakfast. All it is is chocolate pudding in a pie dish topped with cool whip. It’s divine!

I totally forgot tomorrow was Easter when I set up Comcast to come to my father’s place tomorrow afternoon. I hope they come before 1300. I think My sister will be picking him up then and he will be disappointed if they don’t show up to fix his TV. I have no idea when dinner is. No one told me. All I know is that we are having ham.

I think I am starting to feel better now that I had some decent sleep. I still feel sleepy and will be going to bed shortly. I hope I sleep through the night. I will read Dostoevsky if I wake up in the middle of the night. He always makes me sleepy.

Sox lost big time today. Their hurlers weren’t good, so I heard anyway. Then I heard a rumor that my favorite catcher might get traded for a shitty player that I absolutely hate. He was a stinking Yankee player, which is part of the reason I dislike him. I will be absolutely crushed if they trade of this young catcher.

I wish I got a haircut today. I woke up and had bedhead. It’s been months since I had my hair this long to have a bedhead. But it’s been two months since my last hair cut. I try to get it cut every month but last month I was short on funds. I am going to try and get one Monday.

My friend that was waiting for a bed finally got one. I am happy that she is no longer waiting in the ER. I can’t imagine waiting in the ER for almost three days for a bed. It’s just ridiculous to me but I know it happens. I had a friend’s daughter that waited almost a week to get into a good hospital in Tennessee. It’s just sad that there are many sick mental ill people and not enough beds to suit their needs or they get cut due to budget cuts.

It’s nearly 2300. I feel like having a tuna sandwich. I should eat because I am hungry and it’s not often these days that I am hungry. But the depression side of me is telling me it will be too much of an effort and I will be exhausted. I got to go downstairs and check on my mother. She hasn’t come to bed and I am a little worried as she usually is in bed by this time.

any thoughts?

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