Nervous about the Dentist

Nervous about the Dentist

I have about two hours before I get my tooth drilled and filled. I am wicked nervous about it. I plan on taking my pain meds, an Ativan and a Zofran so that I am calm enough for the procedure. I just brushed my teeth because my mouth felt like a sewer. I am kind of hungry but I don’t want to have food stuck in my teeth so I am not going to eat anything. I might have a yogurt as that doesn’t stick to your teeth. My mother bought some yogurt but it’s the light and fit kind which I don’t like. It has aspartame in it and I don’t like that additive. It gives me a migraine afterwards.

After the dentist, I figure I have two hours before my therapy appointment. I emailed my psych last night and haven’t heard back from her. I texted my therapist the same question, which was should I contact the Orlando police and see if there was an alien parasite in the gunman’s brain. I don’t know if I will get an answer. I also told my psych that I think I will be ridiculed if I did call. I asked her what does she think so I am waiting for a response. I think we will talk about this in therapy. A good blogger friend wanted me to take a PRN and page my psych. I didn’t do either. I don’t need medication when I know I am thinking clearly. People need to know that there are aliens out there that are killing people because they want power. They feed off that.

I am out of my PRN meds anyways. My psych hasn’t called in a refill yet. I have been emailing her left and right but she doesn’t respond. I might have to page her to see when she is going to call in the refill. I don’t really need it but it would be good to have it. I don’t see my psych till Friday. I have back to back appointments that day. It’s going to be a long day.

I had put chocolate donuts in the refrigerator and they have disappeared. Either someone ate them or my mother threw them away. I don’t know why I am a donut freak. My mother just bought some powered donuts and I really want to finish them off but I got to go to the fricken dentist. I really hope the numbing medicine wears off by the time I have my therapy appointment or it’s going to be interesting.

Just got today’s Daily Word Prompt. It’s “Struggle”. I think I will write something later this afternoon about it and it will be for my book. I will need to write at least 850 words for it to be in my book. I have decided that if I write at least 850 words for my book on a mental illness subject, it will increase my word count for the book and also the pages. The chapters don’t have to be very long. I got the idea from a book I was reading on writing. Seems like I am on the right track. I just need to write! It’s been difficult with the grief and depression. Yesterday’s word prompt was “rebuild”. I have a few ideas on that so I am keeping it for now. I might put it in the folder to work on later. I just wish the voices in my head could be quiet for a little while so I could think a little bit for my writing. They are so nosey. They see me typing and they want to know what I am writing about. I then I have to talk to them to shut them up. Then I lose track of what I am writing. It’s not fun.

I am tired. I didn’t get a good night’s rest. I have been tossing and turning since around 0300. I kept dreaming I was going to wake up late because I didn’t set my alarm. Then I was dreaming I was going to sleep through my alarm (even though I didn’t set it). This appointment with the dentist has me really nervous. I am tempted to cancel but I don’t want the cavity to get worse. Last night I was eating chocolate and my tooth really ached so I know I need to get it filled. I wish there was a simpler way of filling a cavity than with numbing needles and drilling.

It’s windy out. It’s supposed to be in the 70s today. We’ll see.

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