Saturday Blog 67

Saturday Blog 67

I woke up around 1000 and decided to take a shower as I was hungover from the meds I took last night to relieve my pain. Then I decided to make breakfast. My back had cramped up while in the shower so I had to take little breaks while cooking. After I ate, I made coffee. It was so good. I think I finally figured out how to make the House blend coffee just right. I still plan on going to the party tonight but I looked at the invitation and noticed I had to RSVP by the 21st. I didn’t do that. I am going to show up anyway. I am wearing my shirt that I plan on wearing for the costume party. I just hope I don’t spill anything on it between now and then.

I finally made the Nantucket cranberry cake today. It’s cooling off so I haven’t had a slice yet. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to use the food processor I have. I couldn’t figure it out and thought it was broken. I just had it turned the wrong way. I also didn’t realize that you had to chop the cranberries and walnuts together so they are separate in the mixture. Oh well. I am sure it will come out fine. The almond extract was overpowering. I guess that is why they only asked for ¼ teaspoon. Other than using the food processor, the cake was easy to make. I did have to ask my mother to help me spread the batter evenly as I am not good at that. I am glad that it all fit on a 10 inch pie plate. I was worried at first that the batter was going to overfill the dish but it didn’t.

And of course my back flared up several times while making the cake and then washing the dishes. I had to sit down several times to ease the cramping. It really sucked. I still need to go to the party and I am wicked tired. I did too much today, between cooking breakfast and making this cake. I know that might not sound like a lot, but for someone with chronic pain, it’s too much. I am sure my ankle is going to be screaming at me tonight. I have decided I am just going to wear jeans and my slippers as we will be going next door to my neighbor’s. If I was feeling up to it yesterday, I would have made the pumpkin cake for the party but I wasn’t feeling up to it.

I went to the party and had way too much to eat and drink. I had an alcoholic beverage as well as soda. The alcohol got to me quickly because I took a pain pill before I left. I always forget not to drink but the host of the party had Mai Tai drink and I wanted to try it. It was very sweet and went down way too easy. I only had half a glass and I was flying. I lived next door so it wasn’t like I had to drive home or anything. They had loads of Chinese food there. I had some, which is why I feel so bloated right now. I usually don’t eat so late but I was at a party and I love Chinese food.

My ankle started flaring up because I was standing more than I was sitting. It was getting late for me anyways as I always try to take my meds by 2100 or I am up all night. My ankle is thanking me now and I am probably going to have to take a strong pain pill or I am not going to sleep tonight. I got to wait for my stomach to settle down some because I don’t want to get nauseous.

I did a lot today and I am sure I am going to be sore tomorrow. Least I will have my Nantucket cake to have with my coffee. I am so looking forward to seeing how it came out. It was still cooling before I left for the party so I didn’t want to have a slice.

any thoughts?

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