Still Phoneless

Still Phoneless

I again didn’t have service on my phone so I called ranting and raving. I demanded my phone be turned on as they had the replacement phone in their possession. A lot of good it did me. I got to wait an additional 24 hours. I told them if by 1030 tomorrow morning it’s not on, I want a credit on my account for loss service. This is ridiculous!

My books came today, a week early. Now I can sell them to friends and family members that are interested in it. I am excited. I hope they do sell.

My diet is going well for day 2. I had a horrible experience last night where I ended up puking due to the smells of the bathroom. I don’t know why it got me so sick but I was. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen again tonight. I did feel better after I threw up so maybe something wasn’t agreeing with me anyways.

I wanted to go out today for my espresso but I missed the bus and didn’t feel like waiting an hour for the next one. I made coffee at home. I was so pissed from the phone incident this morning that I am not really hungry so haven’t been on schedule with my shakes. I just had a protein bar because I wanted chocolate. I will have a shake in about an hour. It’s really raining pretty good so I am glad I didn’t go out.

Pain has been minimal today despite the rain. I am feeling really tired though for some reason. I took pain meds this morning but never really slept them off. It was really just a quick nap. Coffee didn’t help. I started another reading challenge. I already finished one book. I got 29 books to go. We’ll see how far I get this month. I still want to read the “Cursed Child”. It’s a Harry Potter book. It’s more dialogue than a book because it’s based on a play. It should make for easy reading, I hope anyway.

Despite the temperature being up, the house is cold. My mother hasn’t turned up the heat, which is good because I was tired of wearing shorts around the house. I know the heat is on because my radiator spits every now and then. I really wanted to text my therapist today to tell her about my book but now it will have to wait till tomorrow. I am so pissed. She probably thinks I am really mad at her for not texting her at all the past week and a half. I swear I am never calling in a claim unless I know for sure my phone is gone. I still need to back up the photos on my phone so they are not lost. Maybe I will do that tonight.

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G. Collerone

suicide attempt survivor writing about the hopelessness that accompanies depression that no one likes to talk about. also writing about my daily struggle with chronic pain and how it affects my suicidality

4 thoughts on “Still Phoneless”

  1. a John Grisham book called A witness at trial, or something like that. It was a prequel to his book the whistler. Now I am not sure I want to read it because it is so similar to his other books. It is on my reading list though and the book isn’t a huge one so maybe I will read it. we’ll see.

  2. what book did you read. I think I’ll take the challenge too. are you on goodreads? I am cant remember my username now though lol. I hope you got your phone back. xxx

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