I want to cry

I want to cry

I haven’t been in pain for most of the day and soon after I took my pain meds and some Benadryl, it starts up. I took the Benadryl because my allergies were really bad. I have been sneezing all day for some reason. It was so annoying. Anyways, after the pain started, my foot and ankle started doing a cramping motion that was more painful than the pain itself. I wanted to cry. I took another Ativan and now I am ready to sleep but I can’t because I am kind of wired.

My diet didn’t go well today. I only had three shakes and then a black bean burger because I was hungry. I also had a protein bar and some fruit. I didn’t drink any water because I just didn’t feel like it. After the phone call with the insurance company for my phone, I kind of lost all appetite. I am surprised I even made it through the day. I am hungry now and should eat something but I really don’t want to go back downstairs because I am in pain. I really want cookies because it’s my comfort food but I want to stick with my diet.

I emailed my psychiatrist about how I was feeling and then I realized, what if she calls me? I had to send her another email saying don’t call me because my phone is disconnected. I didn’t give her an explanation. I will tell her when I see her on Friday. Hopefully my phone is fucking turned on by then.

I kind of feel proud because without dieting, I lost six pounds. I weighed myself today and I was the same as I was before I started dieting but I was heavier when I first got my fitness pal app. I don’t know what I did. I swear it’s the meds that fluctuate my weight. I just hope that once I get back in a routine of some sort, I lose the weight more frequently than what I am right now. I haven’t left the house since Friday. I hope to go to Starbucks tomorrow but there is no guarantee I will. It all depends on my pain levels.

I can’t wait to text my friend that I met in the hospital four years ago. I am sure she is worried about me. Or she thinks I am mad at her for not answering her text messages. I hope my explanation will be satisfactory to her. I didn’t know my phone was going to be turned off. If I did, I would have had one of my other phones turned on so I would still have a phone. I am such an idiot.

I just want to cry because I am in pain again. I am so tired of being in pain. It’s so exhausting. I am afraid to lie down because I fear that my pain will increase. I am so tired though, physically, even though I haven’t done anything all day. I know it’s the Benadryl and pain meds that are making me tired. I just need to try and sleep and it might happen. Just wish the PTSD would calm down enough so I could try and sleep.

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