Easter 2017

Easter 2017

I had Easter dinner with the family and afterwards needed a nap, even though I had a cappuccino. I was just so full and tired. I had slept pretty well so I don’t know why I was so tired. No weird dreams today. It was warm so I woke up sweating because I was under my blankets. It’s 80 degrees out so my room is hot, even with the ceiling fan going. I hate the heat. It is much too early though to put in the AC. Luckily it’s just for today and tomorrow the warm weather and then it goes down to the 50s or so. It’s supposed to be nice all week except for Friday. It figures because I have to go out.

Sox won 7-5 so I am happy about that. It was another comeback from behind win. I hope that isn’t the trend for the season. Sox are playing their typical early game tomorrow morning because it’s Patriot’s Day and the Boston Marathon. One of my childhood friends is running. It’s his 19th year and I am so proud of him. I have known him and his wife forever it seems. I am so glad we reconnected through Facebook.

My pain has been minimal today. I haven’t needed my regular pain meds for most of the day. I will take them before bed so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night, I hope, anyways. I didn’t work on my project because of family events. I’m going to try tomorrow. I might do some reading tonight. That nap gave me some energy. I don’t think I will be going to sleep right away. I just hope I am not up all night.

My sister and cousin made pillows out of my father’s shirts and ties. She gave my younger sister and I the pillows today. They did a good job.

Ok, maybe I have watched a little bit too much of Criminal Minds, but I really think there is a Charles River Serial Killer out there. Another young adult male was found in the river after leaving the Boston Garden. He was 23 years old. I just know that my nephew is NEVER going there alone. Just too many coincidences that are making me think there is a killer on the loose and the authorities aren’t saying a damn word about it.

any thoughts?

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