PT news and other things

PT news and other things

I woke up later than I wanted to. I really didn’t feel like showering as my ankle was being a bugger. I had to go to PT. I did something for my mother and as I was walking, my ankle gave out. Great. It was about a half hour before I had to leave. I gave it sometime to rest and then went up to my room to get dressed.

As I was walking to the bus stop, I saw my neighbor’s dog. She made my day. I would have went over and tried to pat her but I needed to catch the bus. It got to the PT place a little later than I expected but I still had time to get a coffee and a sandwich. I didn’t have anything to eat since last night.

The therapist had me use a step thing the same as last time. Then she went to give me some exercises with a sheet for my ankle. She thinks she can make my ankle functional. I silently rolled my eyes. I haven’t been able to really move my ankle in 17 years, since my 1st back surgery. I didn’t tell her I expected some decrease in my pain over the next few weeks or that is it, we are done. I told her about the lower back pain and she gave me a tennis ball and showed me how to use it to help ease the muscles.

There was a huge snow bank where I had to catch the bus. I was sore and my ankle pain was up after therapy. It hurt to stand. I saw a bus that was going to a station close to my home but not a bus that would take me home. I took it because I didn’t want to wait any more. I couldn’t. I hurt too much. It was a long ride to the station. I didn’t mind. I saw where they were putting the new casino. That is going to cause major traffic delays, especially for this bus line. I didn’t have to wait too long for my bus for home when I got to the station. I got off at the stop before so I could get a bottle of wine for my mother. Today is her birthday.

I was so winded when I came home and sore. I went up to my room to change once I settled down some. I was still out of breath. I had turned on the ceiling fan but it was too cold in my room. I turned it off. I was going to write a blog but I kept hearing weird sounds on my laptop. I got sleepy so decided to take a nap. Around 1630, my med alarm went off for my pain pills. I pressed something to make it stop and then went back to sleep, hoping to get up soon. It was another hour or so that I woke up. I wasn’t hungry but had to eat. I made some sliders. My sisters and their kids came over. We celebrated my mother and it then my sisters and everyone were having loud conversations. I wanted to escape to my room. My mother decided to clean out the refrigerator and something smelled bad. I took my chance to go to my room.

I hope I am not getting sick. I ache and my nose is stuffy. I also been sneezing a lot. I hope it’s just because I haven’t left the house in a week. Tomorrow I am supposed to go food shopping with my cousin. My mother wants a few things. I hope I am up to it. She wants some deli stuff and I don’t usually do well with standing for my turn. My ankle hates it.

My uncle has been doing well. He was in the hospital with some heart issues. While he was there, he had a heart attack and he was dead for a few minutes. They cracked his ribs while reviving him. His lung capacity has been awful. Then he got pneumonia. He went to rehab a few times. Now he is on life support. They are taking him off tomorrow. He has been through so much. I hope he isn’t suffering anymore. He was a good man. I am worried about my aunt. They have been through some really tough times together. I hope she finds comfort that he isn’t going to suffer anymore. I remember when I liked the Raiders (American football team) back when the Pats sucked horribly, they lost a game and he gave me the sweatshirt he was wearing. The Raiders and the Cowboys were teams I followed for a little while. I loved Troy Aikman. He was a very good quarterback for the Cowboys. I hope God welcomes my uncle when he returns. He will be missed by all who loved him down here.

any thoughts?

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