Saturday Blog 14032020

Saturday Blog 14032020

I did a lot this morning when I woke up. I finally made the breakfast burritos and then because I still had energy and wasn’t hurting too much, I baked cookies. I paid for it afterwards though. I couldn’t finish washing the dishes. I did what was there and then I had to stop. My foot was a blaze in pain. I had some giambotta my mother made. It had all vegetables in it, carrots, zucchini, onion, and potatoes. Giambotta is basically a mesh of stuff put together. It was good but she put crushed red pepper in it and for some reason that triggers a migraine for me. It is the second time this has happened. I went up to my room after all the cookies were stored, with a note that said warning eating more than 3 will give you the shits. The cookies have a lot of fiber in them which makes you go to the bathroom. Why I made them. I am trying to have them stay a little longer as I know my sister and nephew like to eat my food. My nephew has been eating my tortilla wraps when I asked him not to. I was only able to make 8 burritos when I wanted to make 12. That is because a package of tortillas only has 8 in it. I don’t know what he uses them for but fuck. I pay for them not him.

I sent my therapist a pic of the burritos. I was going to send one of the cookies but decided not to. I won’t be able to share with her anyways because I may not see her. I still have no word on anything. My uro hasn’t been in touch with me over my results of the urine culture so not sure if she is going to treat it or not. I just sent her a message so maybe I will hear from her by Monday. I feel like I do have a UTI so I hope she does treat it. Would hate to have bugs in my urine pre-op. but time is getting close to how long I should be treated for. At this rate, just three days is what I can expect.

I think I packed everything I need. I just need to find a micro USB cord. I thought I had it in my bag but it was just another Type C wire. The micro USB that I have been using is 10 feet. I hate to bring that in the hospital but will if need be. I got a 6 ft wire for Type C, which is for my phone. I will bring both and see what happens.

I slept most of the afternoon to take away the migraine and the exhaustion of cooking and baking. My foot acted up a little bit but not overpoweringly. Sleep definitely helped. Now I am wondering if I will be up all night. I was late in taking my night meds. Took them an hour and half late because I was sleeping. I shut the alarm off and went back to sleep. Bladder woke me up. I don’t remember the last time I peed so it had to be a while. I hate that I have to keep track of this now. Bowels I always kept track of now the bladder too. It is just too much. I have to cath at least 5 times a day. Today every time I went, I cathed. I think I just voided once on my own, only because the urge was strong but it took a while to get going. I hate that. I hate that I am still retaining despite being on medication for retention. But I guess if I wasn’t on the meds, I probably wouldn’t be going period. I found that out when I was in the hospital and they didn’t have my medicine I take. I plan on taking the meds with me. Speaking of which, I might as well put them in my bag after I do my meds for the week. I will make them full so when I am home, I don’t have to make them up again. I can just bring them downstairs. I do have to lock away my meds so no one gets into it. I just rather put them locked away than be sorry.

any thoughts?

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